PE Facility Access: Students in a PE class can sign up for a locker and receive access to PE facilities during open recreational hours,by providing a student ID and a printed class schedule to the following areas on the following PCC campuses:

Rock Creek: Building 5, Gym

Cascade: PEB (Physical Education Building) Front Desk

Sylvania: HT 114, Issue Room Window

Students not enrolled in a PE class interested in using PE Facilities during open recreation hours, can pay a $12.00 PE Facility Fee at the business office of the campus they wish to have access to and then present the receipt and student ID at the locations listed above.

PCC does not provide medical coverage. It is strongly recommended that students have medical coverage and a recent physical exam.

Please see Fitness Technology Program earlier in this schedule for more new classes.

Health and Fitness for Life

PE 295
Health & Fitness for Life Lab

Ski and Snowboarding Lessons at Mt Hood Meadows

Learn to ski or snowboard in just five weeks! PCC students get discounted prices on lessons, lifts, and rentals. See Meadows park and Ride for bus packages. Once you have registered with PCC, your GO code will be emailed to you, then you must pay your package fees to Mt. Hood Meadows at by January 24th at 5:00PM.

Ski and Snowboard package fees:

Lessons/Lifts/Rental $548

Lessons/Lifts $464

Lessons/Rental $324

Lessons only $240

Helmet Rental $25

Nordic Program Options (available during day shift on Saturday only):

Track/Lesson/Rental $221

Track/Lesson $194

PE 184A
Beginning Skiing - Nordic
PE 184B
Intermediate Skiing - Nordic
PE 184C
Adv Skiing - Nordic
PE 184D
Beginning Skiing - Alpine
PE 184E
Intermediate Skiing - Alpine
PE 184F
Advanced Skiing - Alpine
PE 184I
Beginning Snowboard Skiing
PE 184J
Intermediate Snowboard Skiing
PE 184L
Advanced Snowboarding Skiing

Fitness Activities

PE 10
Physical Ed Activity Program
PE 130A
Adapted Physical Education I
PE 130B
Adapted Physical Education II
PE 130C
Adapted Physical Education III
PE 182H
Adult Fitness
PE 182Y
Indoor Cycling
PE 162G
Cardio Conditioning
PE 162O
Core Fitness
PE 182C
Walking for Fitness I
PE 182D
Walking for Fitness II
PE 182A
Beg Group Fitness
PE 142A
Zumba Fitness I
PE 142B
Zumba Fitness II
PE 182E
Running for Fitness
PE 182F
Boot Camp I
PE 181M
Boot Camp II
PE 181A
Beg Weight Training
PE 181B
Int Weight Training
PE 181C
Adv Weight Training
PE 182P
Pilates I
PE 182U
Pilates II
PE 162M
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
PE 182W
Phy. Act. for Weight Control
PE 184N
Phys Activity for Wght Ctrl II
PE 182R
Back Care
PE 185U
U-JAM Dance Fitness I
PE 185V
U-JAM Dance Fitness II
PE 299I
Barre Fitness
PE 299K
Suspension Resistance Training

Circuit Weight Training

PE 181D
Interval Training I
PE 181E
Interval Training II

Team Sports

PE 185A
Beginning Basketball
PE 185B
Intermediate Basketball
PE 185C
Advanced Basketball
PE 185D
Beginning Volleyball
PE 185E
Intermediate Volleyball
PE 185F
Advanced Volleyball
PE 185G
Beginning Soccer
PE 185H
Advanced Soccer
PE 185L
Intermediate Soccer

Individual/Recreational Activities

PE 182Q
Self-Paced Fitness
PE 140A
Boxing I
PE 140B
Boxing II
PE 140C
Boxing III
PE 299F
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) II
PE 299G
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) III
PE 183V
Judo I
PE 183W
Judo II
PE 183X
Tae Kwon Do I
PE 183Y
Tae Kwon Do II
PE 183Z
Tae Kwon Do III
PE 182J
Gentle Yoga
PE 182I
Power Yoga
PE 182K
Yoga I
PE 182L
Yoga II
PE 182S
Tai Chi I
PE 182G
Tai Chi II
PE 162J
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I
PE 162K
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu II
PE 162L
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu III
PE 183D
Introduction to Rock Climbing
PE 184M
Meditation - Mind-Body Fitness
PE 299X
Meditation: Mind and Body II
PE 162Q


PE 143A
Aquatic Exercise I
PE 143B
Aquatic Exercise II
PE 143C
Aquatic Exercise III
PE 180A
Beginning Swim
PE 180B
Intermediate Swimming
PE 180L
Swim Conditioning I
PE 180M
Swim Conditioning II
PE 180N
Swim Conditioning III
PE 180K
Masters Swimming


Dance Courses may be taken for either Dance or PE credit. See Dance and PE sections of this schedule for all course listings.

PE 186Z
Conditioning for Dance
PE 120A
Ballet I
PE 120B
Ballet I
PE 120C
Ballet II
PE 120D
Ballet II
PE 120E
Ballet III
PE 120F
Ballet III
PE 186D
Ballroom Dance
PE 186R
Hip Hop
PE 186S
Hip Hop II
PE 186F
Jazz Dance I
PE 186G
Jazz Dance II
PE 186H
Jazz Dance III
PE 121A
Modern Dance I
PE 121B
Modern Dance I
PE 121C
Modern Dance II
PE 186K
Tap Dance I
PE 186M
Tap Dance II
PE 299J
Afro-Brazilian Dance