A program for 16 to 20 year old students

For general information call 971-722-6288.

For students who are 16 to 20 years old who are not enrolled in high school. This program teaches reading, writing, speaking, and listening at various levels. The goal is that you develop English skills so you may work toward a high school diploma or GED. Qualify for the program by attending an orientation and evaluation, and living within the boundaries of a participating school district. To register attend an orientation and placement evaluation. Call 971-722-6288 or the telephone number listed by the preferred location for information about orientation and evaluation dates. Orientation will begin in late February for Spring term. The classes are free.


For information call 971-722-2915

Portland Metro Workforce Training Center

For information call 971-722-6231

Southeast Campus

For information call 971-722-6109, 971-722-6231, 971-722-6110


For information call 971-722-2915

Willow Creek Center

For information call 971-722-2915