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**Please Note** Students are responsible for "All" transportation to any Fire Protection Technology classes that may require off-site/off-campus trainings.

Entry Level Fire Fighter Courses

These courses are based on national standards for firefighter I and II, and are for individuals who have minimal or no firefighting experience.

FP 101
Prin of Emerg Services
FP 123
Haz Mat Awareness/Operations

Fire Academy

The Fire Academy course for 2017 Fall term is FP 199C and can be substitute for FP 111. The second half of the Fire Academy is FP 199D will be offered Winter term 2018 and can be substituted for FP 112.

Students must have completed a physical ability assessment, a respirator evaluation, and a mandatory orientation to receive department approval.

Contact the Department Chair at 971-722-5582.

FP 111
Fire Academy Part 1
FP 112
Fire Academy Part 2

Cooperative Education

Students are placed in a fire department and will be a functioning company member. Students are evaluated by a supervisor from the hosting fire department. Final grade will be determined by the PCC instructor assigned to the course. Students must attend a mandatory seminar to be registered for this course.

FP 280A
CE: Fire Protection

Company Officer Courses

Designed to give current and future fire fighters the tools to function as a company officer. The curriculum is based on NFPA 1021, Officer I and II and will transfer to Eastern Oregon University's Fire Service Administration Program.

FP 130
Fire Pro Hydraulics & Water Su
FP 166
Bldg Const for Fire Protection
FP 170
Intro to Tactics & Strategy
FP 214
Occ. Safety & Health for Fire
FP 273
Fire Serv Human Resource Mgt.