Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Dance Courses may be taken for either Dance or PE credit. See Dance and PE sections of this schedule for all course listings.

PCC does not provide medical coverage. It is strongly recommended that students have medical coverage and a recent physical exam.

D 121
Conditioning for Dance
D 190A
Ballet I
D 190B
Ballet I
D 191A
Ballet II
D 191B
Ballet II
D 290A
Ballet III
D 290B
Ballet III
D 184
Ballroom Dance
D 177
Hip Hop
D 177B
Hip Hop II
D 275
Dance and Hip Hop Culture
D 150
Jazz Dance I
D 151
Jazz Dance II
D 130A
Modern Dance I
D 130B
Modern Dance I
D 131A
Modern Dance II
D 170
World Dance
D 209
Dance Performance
D 210
Dance Performance
D 211
Dance Performance