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ESOL154 Level 5 Communication

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Presents oral communication as a process that involves determination of purpose, selection and adjustment of strategies, comprehension checks, and integration of prior with new knowledge to address the communicative purpose. Develops listening comprehension and speaking skills at an intermediate level. Addresses use of important language functions, such as asking for clarification, agreeing, and negotiating meaning. Includes a minimum of one prepared speech. Reviews English consonants and vowels, consonant clusters, past tense and plural endings; common sound substitutions; intonation, phrasing, reductions and stress. Places communication in the context of academic and adult life roles. Prerequisite: ESOL placement test OR completion of ESOL 44/44N; AND concurrent placement in ESOL 40/40N and ESOL 42/42N or higher. Audit available. (See course content and outcomes.)

Credits: 4

List of classes for ESOL154 Level 5 Communication
CRNClass typeLocationDays & timeDatesSeats availableFacultyMore info
10416In-personRock Creek BLDG2 126
Monday and Wednesday
from 12 to 1:50pm

From January 9 through March 22, 2023
Emilie D McGearyBooks for CRN 10416
Class details for CRN 10416
15252In-personRock Creek BLDG2 125
Tuesday and Thursday
from 6 to 7:50pm

From January 10 through March 23, 2023
Patryk MrozekBooks for CRN 15252
Class details for CRN 15252
14496In-personSoutheast SCOTT 204
Monday and Wednesday
from 8 to 9:50pm

From January 9 through March 22, 2023
Sasha R KrafftBooks for CRN 14496
Class details for CRN 14496
10356In-personSylvania CT 221
Monday and Wednesday
from 9 to 10:50am

From January 9 through March 22, 2023
Jennifer L SnyderBooks for CRN 10356
Class details for CRN 10356
14981RemoteNot applicable
Tuesday and Thursday
from 7 to 8:50pm

From January 10 through March 23, 2023
Sasha R KrafftBooks for CRN 14981
Class details for CRN 14981

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