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Writing: Grammar for the Real World

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Become a better writer by looking at the structure of your sentences. Learn and practice in a judgment-free, relaxed, supportive social atmosphere with others who live and write in the real world. For anyone who is fairly fluent in English.

Few of us are taught about the structure of sentences in English. This class provides a relaxed social setting in which to gain expertise in the most-used language in medicine, technology, business, science, the arts and culture. English sentences will make a lot more sense to you, and you'll participate in fun, interesting discussions and activities with others who care about language. If you've ever felt anxious about writing correctly or wondered what the word "whom" is for, what makes an English sentence complete (and how you can proofread for this), or the fastest way to identify and rewrite a sentence that doesn't make sense, this class is for you. It's for native speakers and strong nonnative speakers alike and will help you if you want to clean up your Etsy site, produce the best resume and cover letter of your life, or just think differently about writing and communicating.

List of classes for 9WRI620D Writing: Grammar for the Real World
CRNClass typeLocationDays & timeDatesSeats availableMore infoSign up
14842CanceledCLIMB CLIMB 301
from 10 to 11:20am

From January 14 through March 18, 2023
Not applicableInstructor: Jodi Naas
Tuition: $115 Fees: $0

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