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Introduction to Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality

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Discuss the history, evolution and future of these burgeoning technologies, and the hardware and software used to build and deploy experiences - including those you'll have in class. Explore their applications across various industries.

At some point most of us will want or need to use these technologies. As we are in the early stages of their development, it is of utmost importance that we are all familiar with what they are, how they are developing, their benefits and challenges.

List of classes for 9COM613Y Introduction to Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality
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14731CanceledCascade CH 209
from 7 to 8:20pm

From January 19 through February 23, 2023
Not applicableInstructor: Enrique Sanchez-Rivera
Tuition: $129 Fees: $0
Notes: No expertise needed. Bring smartphone and laptop if you can.

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