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MT222 Quality Control Methods in Mfg

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Explores quality control methods used in semiconductor manufacturing, including statistical process control (SPC), control charts, performance representation and capability measurements. Emphasizes computer manipulation of actual data for analysis and design of quality. Prerequisites: MTH 243 or MT 108, and WR 227. Audit available. (For detailed information, see the Course Content and Outcome Guide.)

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41600RC Remote
from 2 to 2:50pm

From October 1 through December 17, 2021
Textbooks for CRN 41600
Instructor: Eric J Kirchner
Tuition: credit Fees: $0
Notes: Online and face-to-face requirements

Course details: CRN 41600

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Microsoft Excel or similar spreadsheet/graphing program

Microsoft Word or similar word processing program

Instructor comments:

This is a hybrid course - most activities take place online. You should be prepared with a different mentality; it is very easy to get behind. I recommend you schedule three hours per week (just like you would if this class met on campus) to sit down in front of a computer to read, prepare and post class material. These hours need to be without distractions: no kids, no TV, etc. There will be regular quizzes with due dates which you need to be aware of. Students that succeed in the class generally log in at least every other day to check discussion messages. Those that log in once a week generally fall behind and have a difficult time catching up. And, just like any other course, you will need additional time to do the off-line reading and homework assignments (expect 6-9 hours for a 3 credit class.)

You should log on to the course as soon as possible starting September 27; do not wait for our on-campus meeting. There are assignments that you should get started on, and a quiz to complete before we meet. You will find our meetings unhelpful if you do not come prepared.

The weekly scheduled meeting on Fridays is required and counts towards class participatiton.  We will meet via Zoom, which you can access through the course D2L shell.

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