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ENGR102 Engineering Graphics

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Introduces manual and computer-aided drafting including hand sketching, drafting standards, pictorial drawings, and dimensioning. Includes creation of 2-D drawings and 3-D solid models with AutoCAD. Prerequisite: Department approval or ENGR 101. Audit available. (For detailed information, see the Course Content and Outcome Guide.)

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45960SY Remote
Tuesday and Thursday
from 9 to 11:50am

From September 28 through December 16, 2021
Textbooks for CRN 45960
Instructor: Tara M Nelson
Tuition: credit Fees: $18

Course details: CRN 45960

Course materials


No textbooks required


Computer Program: We will be using the computer program, AutoCAD for most of the term.  There is a free student license on the AutoDesk website.  The details on how to get this program will be provided at the beginning of the term.   

Computer Requirements: To run AutoCAD, students must have access to a computer that meets minimum requirements. The hardware requirements to run AutoCAD can be found at this link: knowledge.autodesk.com/support/autocad/troubleshooting/caas/sfdcarticles/sfdcarticles/System-requirements-for-AutoCAD-2020-including-Specialized-Toolsets.html

AutoCAD generally functions best in Microsoft Windows.  However, if you don't have access to a computer that uses Windows, a Mac computer will work.  

Instructor comments:

Course Structure: The first week of the course we will meet both Tuesday and Thursday.  The following weeks of the term we will have asynchronous work on Tuesdays and will have a synchronous session on Thursdays.

Textbook: The textbook listed through the bookstore is recommended, but not required.  This course will generally taught without the use of a textbook, the recommended textbook could be used as an additional resource for you.  I will also share an open source (free) textbook during the beginning of the term.   

Computer program: You'll be given details on how to download AutoCAD onto your computer.  You will not need this computer program the first week of the term.

Helpful, but not required: multiple monitors/screens

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