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Screenwriting: The Basics of Movie Storytelling

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Learn the fundamental principles behind Hollywood-style movie storytelling. Lectures and class exercises focus on the structures and practices behind the use of plot and character to create a successful and entertaining movie experience.

This 8-week course will teach students with a beginning to intermediate interest in screenwriting the principles and methods by which stories are constructed in traditional commercial feature films, using Hollywood films as the primary model. Lectures will be interspersed with short writing exercises to help students understand theoretical concepts through creative practice. Topics will include what makes a story a "story," ways stories are executed in cinematic form, and the structures behind plot, character, and theme. Weekly homework assignments will involve the study of feature films and published screenplays.

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List of classes for 9WRI612C Screenwriting: The Basics of Movie Storytelling
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44053CED Remote
from 4 to 5:20pm

From October 4 through November 22, 2021
Instructor: Michael J Schock
Tuition: $65 Fees: $0
Notes: Bring paper and pen.