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MSD107 Organizations & People

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Examines what people think, feel, and do in organizations. Includes motivation theory and practice and how an individual employee's personality and learning style affects productivity; how team dynamics affect and are affected by the individual employee; how the organization's structure and climate affects individual and team productivity and organizational change and development. Audit available. (For detailed information, see the Course Content and Outcome Guide.)

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From September 27 through December 18, 2021
Textbooks for CRN 40286
Instructor: Linda L Paulson
Tuition: credit Fees: $0
For information, contact the department at 971-722-6217 or 971-722-6147 (Dept Chair).

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 We are using an online textbook! Please don't print the book or order a printed copy. The online version is separated into small chapters and is quite easy to read! I've provided links each week so you only need to go to the sections we'll be using at the time.

Instructor comments:

 In this class, we will examine organizations from the viewpoint of the individual employee, their psychological makeup, how those different personalities work together (or conflict) in teams, and how the way that organizations are set up affects employees and productivity.

The unique combination of these elements helps determine an employee’s job satisfaction, an important element in determining employee productivity. We will try to get into the heads/minds of employees to see how they think, how they are programmed, how they are motivated, and predict how they will react to change. We will also examine how the structure and climate of the organization (how the company is organized and led and the atmosphere it creates) impacts and is impacted by, those individuals and teams. It's a two-way street. I trust you will find this a challenging, interesting, and helpful course in your personal and professional quest for a deeper understanding of people and the success of organizations in which they work.

Students will complete a discussion and either an assignment each week. By the end of the term, each student is required to complete an Individual Focus Paper based on a topic in this course. Choose a topic that interests you and see what you can learn that you will be able to use in your work or your life. While this is based on research, the application is personal! Your paper will include your personal reflections on what you've studied.

We will use some Open Educational Resources in this class in addition to articles from current publications and websites.

The following 1-credit courses are excellent ways to expand your interest in various aspects of content covered in this course: MSD 177 Team Building and MSD 180A Goal Setting. This will complement and expand your skillsets on some of the concepts in this class.

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