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CIS244 Systems Analysis

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Provides overview of the system development life cycle (SDLC) emphasizing analytical techniques to develop the correct definition of business problems and user requirements. Students will prepare a feasibility assessment and develop system requirements for an assigned project. Recommended: One class in a high-level programming language and WR 227. One 200-level business administration course. Additional lab hours may be required. Audit available. (For detailed information, see the Course Content and Outcome Guide.)

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From September 27 through December 18, 2021
Textbooks for CRN 40619
Instructor: DeLyse E Totten
Tuition: credit Fees: $12
For information, contact the department at 971-722-4461 or 971-722-4096.

Course details: CRN 40619

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Familiar with computers and the Internet.
Basic technology requirements include:
Access to a modern computer system with a supported operating system (OS).
A broadband internet provider or mobile carrier with LTE or better.
A compatible internet browser installed on your computer. Microphone and webcam recommended.
Other software requirements include:
Office suite software, to include Google Docs (provided by PCC) and  MS software and other, pdf.
Current anti-virus software installed and up to date.
Multimedia plug-ins will be required to allow your browser to access online video and other interactive features.

Instructor comments:

This is a fully online course.

Required text: Systems Analysis and Design (ebook or print), Shelly Cashman Series, Rosenblatt - Publisher: Cengage
Optional - Mindtap Access code is not required, but this option will be available to students who have an access code - below are some of the alternatives so select what will work best for you.

You can purchase a printed loose leaf text through the PCC bookstore with a Cengage Mindtap access code. Another, better option is to purchase through the publisher a Cengage Unlimited subscription for $120/term or $180/12-month year (or a Cengage digital books only subscription that does not include MindTap).

The Cengage Unlimited subscription gives you access to all of your digital books and courseware for all of your courses using Cengage products. It also gives you the option to order a print rental for all Cengage courseware for only $7.99 - see the additional information on this option: www.cengage.com/unlimited. Please note that you only need to purchase one subscription to cover all Cengage materials.

Select one of the four alternatives:

Alternative 1 - Cengage Unlimited subscription. Here are the ISBN’s for each subscription length and aprox price:

· Cengage Unlimited: (4 months) $120 ISBN: 9780357700006

· Cengage Unlimited (12 months) $180 ISBN: 9780357700013

· Cengage Unlimited (24 months) $240 ISBN: 9780357700020


Alternative 2 - Bundle with printed Loose-Leaf + access code, 1 term ISBN-9781337755955 -- Price New is about :$129.00, Price Used is about: $97.00


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