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Postwar Hollywood: The Rise of the Blockbuster

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Come explore the art and business of the Hollywood film industry. In the Postwar era, the film industry faced multiple challenges which led to significant disruptions in film production. Using a collection of films produced during this time, we will learn why the industry struggled and what brought it back to the prominence you see today.

The primary focus will be on selected films produced during the period from 1945 through 1975. Using these films as a launchpad we will learn about the business and culture that led to their production. A collection of 30 outstanding films have been selected for this course. From that list we will select eight for viewing in this class. The focus will be on films such as Body and Soul, Key Largo, The Third Man, In a Lonely Place, Ace in the Hole, Singin' in the Rain, Big Heat, Rear Window, Night of the Hunter, Bigger Than Life, Sweet Smell of Success, Vertigo, and Imitation of Life.

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45446CED Remote
from 7:30 to 8:50pm

From September 29 through November 17, 2021
Instructor: Seth Friedman
Tuition: $99 Fees: $0