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The Enneagram: Finding Who You Are Beyond Type

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The Desert Fathers in the 6th Century AD identified blocks to meditation which we now consider unique enneagram types. Reviewing past enneagram thought and current "nondual" teachings, we'll inquire into ways to relax our type conditioning.

Taking our cues from enneagram teachers and authors who have described the more insightful "higher" aspects of each type, we will consider what is available to us when we have a more open, connected, and intuitive recognition of our innate self.

It is recommended that participants in this class have an overall understanding of the enneagram personality system and a fairly good idea of their type.

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List of classes for 9PDV611Y The Enneagram: Finding Who You Are Beyond Type
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44917 CanceledCED Remote
from 6 to 7:20pm
CanceledNot applicableInstructor: Richard C Hoiland
Tuition: $45 Fees: $0
Notes: Have a good idea of your Enneagram personality type.