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Enneagram: Finding Your Instinctual Subtype

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In this class we look at Enneagram Subtypes which are formed when our Type merges with one of three biological Instincts. By recognizing our Subtype tendencies, we can reduce stress and improve communication in relationships and at work.

This class includes an introduction to Triads, which, like Subtypes, can help us to better define our personality patterns. Students should have a good idea of their Enneagram personality type since we will be sharing insights into type and subtype behaviors.

A recommended Subtype resource is: "Instinctual Subtypes: 27 Paths in Life and in Relationship" by Peter O'Hanrahan, available online.

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44918 CanceledCED Remote
from 6 to 7:20pm
CanceledNot applicableInstructor: Richard C Hoiland
Tuition: $45 Fees: $0
Notes: No class 11/25. Have your Enneagram personality type.