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Yoga for Runners and Walkers

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Enjoy the company of other runners and walkers as you develop or deepen a yoga practice to complement your active lifestyle. Improve flexibility, strength, breathing technique, postural alignment, balance, and body awareness.

Learn skills that will help you derive more enjoyment from your running or walking and help reduce your risk of injury. Experiment with sequences to integrate into your warm-up or cool down routine. Explore how principles of yoga philosophy can help support a healthy and sustainable approach to fitness. Sample simple meditation practices you can use on the yoga mat, road, trail, or track to transform your runs or walks into moving meditations that will promote relaxation and boost vitality.

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List of classes for 9MBF618I Yoga for Runners and Walkers
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44309CED Remote
from 7 to 7:50am

From September 29 through December 1, 2021
Instructor: Alice P Diffely
Tuition: $109 Fees: $0