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Spanish Conversation: Level 5

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Ready to move beyond the intermediate level? This class will be entirely in Spanish. Suitable for those with two or more years of Spanish coursework or equivalent experience, such as living in a Spanish-speaking country.

This is the most advanced Spanish class that PCC Community Ed offers. The structure of the class will vary widely by instructor. The class will include reading, writing, speaking, listening and culture. The following topics may be covered in this level: REVIEW: Levels 1-4 SYNTAX (how sentences are formed): direct object pronouns; indirect object pronouns; reflexive pronouns; VERBS: preterite (irregular), reflexive; imperfect (irregular); perfect tenses, subjunctive; VOCABULARY: Varies widely.

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List of classes for 9LAN615M Spanish Conversation: Level 5
CRNLocation & typeDays & timeDatesSeats availableMore infoSign up
24513CED Remote
from 6:30 to 8:20pm

From March 29 through June 7, 2021
Instructor: Gilda Bensel
Tuition: $129 Fees: $0
Notes: No class 5/31.
24563CED Remote
from 6:30 to 7:50pm

From March 31 through June 9, 2021
Instructor: Mario R Galindo
Tuition: $99 Fees: $0
Notes: No class 6/2.