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Movement's Echo: Drawing, Creativity, and Yoga

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Explore anatomy, movement, creativity, and art making. Develop awareness of your own physical structure, energy, and resulting motion via a yoga and drawing practice. Play with how personal narrative influences your practice.

Each class period, students will engage in a yoga sequence, designed specifically to meet the goals of each class period. Alternating short exercises with drawing sessions, students will focus initially on observational drawing with an evolution toward working from both observation and visualization

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List of classes for 9FA609G Movement's Echo: Drawing, Creativity, and Yoga
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24108CED Remote
from 9:30 to 11:20am

From April 3 through May 8, 2021
Instructor: Meredith G Hamm
Tuition: $75 Fees: $0
Notes: Supply list: meredith.hamm@pcc.edu