ART277B Life Painting

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Examines the human form through the study and painting of live professional models. Applies various painting techniques and concepts as students learn the structure, form and proportions of the human figure. Emphasizes personal artistic development with attention to compositional organization. Prerequisites: One term of ART 277 or ART 277A or instructor permission. Audit available.  (For detailed information, see the Course Content and Outcome Guide).

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42349 RC Remote
from 10 to 11:50am

From September 25 through December 11, 2020
Textbooks for CRN 42349
Instructor: Mark S Andres
Tuition: credit Fees: $18
and RC Remote
from 1 to 2:50pm

From September 25 through December 11, 2020
Instructor: Mark S Andres

Course details: CRN 42349

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Instructor comments:

No textbook but supplies required. Painting in acrylic or oils.

Synchronous instruction F 10-11:50, 1-2:50 (one hour lunch break)

Prepandemic, we would be painting the figure from a life model in a classroom.  Working remotely presents two significant changes to this format: one is to make studies of figure works by other artsists as a way to understand different modes for painting the figure; the other is the use of photos as the basis for original paintings-- a tool more and more artists of the figure today rely on, but in which there are many traps.  We will explore five different ways of using photos as the basis for figure work.  Because the figure is also a complex form, some understanding of the anatomical structures of the body (the ways bone and muscle translate into mass concepts of volume and space) will also be covered as needed.  Homework will consist of finishing work begun in class and of taking photos which will serve as the basis for original work (bad photos make good paintings).  

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