CH106 Allied Health Chemistry III

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Introduces the fundamental principles of organic chemistry and biochemical processes. This is the third course of a three course sequence. Prerequisite: CH 105. Audit available.  (For detailed information, see the Course Content and Outcome Guide).

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30356 Web


From June 22 through September 4, 2020
Textbooks for CRN 30356
Instructor: Kathleen E Carrigan
Tuition: credit Fees: $20
Notes: Labkit REQD:LP-0181-CK-01 L:C000289 P:labpaq
For information, contact the department at 971-722-5209 (Office).

Course details: CRN 30356

Course materials


Find out which textbooks are required for this course.

Online publisher materials

 If you already have OWL access from another course using the Bettleheim text, you can continue using that.  If you only bought a 6 mo code contact OWL/Cengage to ask to extend your time.

If you have not used OWL yet and are transferring from a differnt school or campus for htis last term, please contact the Instructor before buying the text and OWL access code described below.

NOTE: The required program OWLV2 learning tool and online homework access code 'OWL' can be purchased separately or along with the loose leaf hard copy of the text. You will be sent a link to register fo rthis class, but you may purchase the access code online through the website or through the PCC Bookstores. There is a 2 week free trial through OWL so you can register before you pay!
*We do not suggest buying the text and OWL using alternative web sites as in some cases the access code to OWL has been used even when it states “with an OWL access code”.
NOTE: You may purchase a 6 mo. access code.
Note: The OWL online learning "tool" includes a "free" e-text, so if you are comfortable with reading online, you can avoid purchasing the hard copy of the text by buying on ly the OWL acess code.

If you are coming from another campus to finish the Ch 104, 105 series, please contact the Instructor before buying the OWL access code.

Lab Kit: You will be required to purchase a lab kit from the Vendor as described. The price for the at-home-science lab kit CK-PCC-106 Login: C000289    Password: labpaq

There are two options:

If you have taken both the CH104  AND CH105 as online options, and you have kept your old kits, there is a smaller version available without the redundant pieces.

The current price is $159 (plus shipping): code CK-PCC-106C

If not, you must buy the full kit. The current price is $225 (plus shipping): code CK-PCC-106.

You will be required to input your HOL order number in the lab contract quiz.

Each student is required to purchase a new lab kit, please contact the Instructor if you have any questions about which kit to buy.

Only the original purchaser is covered under our liability plan and to participate in this fully online chemistry class and do the labs at home, you must be covered. Be prepared to submit your purchase order so that we can verify that you have a new kit. We will check with the company to make sure your purchase orders are valid. All labs will be done at home and there will be no need for you to come to campus. Do not order the kit until you are sure you are ready to stay in the class because the restocking fee is high. The lab kit is not available through the PCC Bookstores.

Open the lab kit immediately and make sure nothing is damaged.  Contact HOL asap if anything is damaged for a free replacement.  If you wait until the lab is to be worked on you may not be sent a new part.

Note:  The kit delivery takes at least 7 days from the date you order.  The first 2 labs do not require the kit so you have a little time, but it is best to oreder the kit as soon as possible.


Proctored exams and activities:

  • Number of exams or activities will be proctored: We will be using a proctored testing program which will require you to have a camera on your computer. This program will observe your computer activity and the activity in the room around you while you are taking the quiz. If we consider there is a possibility of cheating, we may require you to come to a campus testing center or to set up an in person proctored quiz in with a pre-approved testing center if you are not in the Portland area.
  • Your instructor proctored session(s) will be held: At home using a proctoring system.
  • Alternatives will be offered for students who cannot attend the instructor proctored session:
    1. PCC campus testing centers
    2. Individual instructor approved proctors
    3. Virtual proctoring service
    4. Other: If we determine that you are not submitting you own work we will invite you to make arrangements to take the quizzes and final and a pre-arranged testing center.

Other in-person and on-campus activities:

There are no other in-person and on-campus activities.


You will need to be able to use word programs such as google docs which is free with your my pcc email.  Or you may choose to  up load a free word program Office 365 - this is free for students/staff -, because you will need ot be able to submit work in a word doc.

You will need to be able to upload photos of the lab set ups and of yourself working on the lab. Your phone can do this. 

We offer online live office hours through “Zoom”, accessed through D2L. It is highly recommended that if your computer does not have a microphone to use a headset with a microphone (<$10 at the PCC bookstores or any standard headset with a microphone works). A web cam tis required to take exams.

You will need a webcam and Google Chrome to take exams in this course.

Instructor comments:

Note: This is a fully online course with lectures, quizzes, homework, and the final exam all online. The labs will be done at home with a purchased lab kit, you will be expected to post photos of yourself (“selfie”) with each lab set up. You cannot purchase the lab kit at the book store, ordering information below. You may be requested to come to campus or to a testing center to take a quiz or the final with one week notice. This course is expensive and it requires about 15 hours of your time each week to do well.

We do strongly suggest that CH 106 DL is not your first online course.

Note: You may be asked to make arrangements to take the one or more quizzes and/or the final in a proctored setting if we see any indication that original work is not being submitted.

Web course information

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