9LAN616F Conversational English

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This intermediate class allows English language learners to practice the art of conversation in a safe and supportive environment. Appropriate for ESOL levels 3-4. 

Improve your confidence and skills in a variety of American English communicative areas including small talk, slang and idioms, interviews, emails, presentations, politeness strategies, and vocabulary. You will practice conversational strategies and develop your overall language fluency in a welcoming and safe environment. Best for intermediate ESOL levels but beginners are welcome.

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List of classes for 9LAN616F Conversational English
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16498 SE SCOM 314
from 6:30 to 8:20pm

From January 8 through March 11, 2020
Instructor: Anesa Burkic
Tuition: $45.00 Fees: $2.00