9LAN614V French Conversation: Levels 3 and 4

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Continuez d'avancer! In this mixed-level class, we'll continue to learn vocabulary, grammar and conjugations and build speaking and listening skills. 

There will be some reading and writing in this class. However, this is a conversation class, so our main focus will be on speaking, listening, and culture. Course content varies depending on the instructor and students. Generally, the following topics are covered in this level: MACHTELINCKX: Text: Ultimate French Beginner-Intermediate (CD not required); Chapters covered: 16-24; Recommended text: Side by Side French and English; Recommended text: 501 French Verbs

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List of classes for 9LAN614V French Conversation: Levels 3 and 4
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15157 CP CLIMB 305
from 6 to 7:50pm

From January 9 through March 12, 2020
Instructor: Anne Cariou
Tuition: $135.00 Fees: $0.00
Notes: Text: Ultimate French Beginner-Intermediate.