GRN181 Exploring the Field of Aging

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Introduces the range of emerging professional opportunities in the field of aging. Explores and prioritizes potential career pathways. Includes career and labor market research; assessment of passions, interests, experiences and transferable skills; informational interviews, site visits, and networking; career and educational/training goal setting and planning. Audit available.  (For detailed information, see the Course Content and Outcome Guide).

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43884 Web


From September 23 through December 14, 2019
Textbooks for CRN 43884
Instructor: Annette R Lansing
Tuition: credit Fees: $32.00
For information, contact the department at 971-722-8254 (Office) or 971-722-4077 (Dept Chair) or 971-722-8548 (Fax).

Course details: CRN 43884

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There are no proctored exams and activities.

Other in-person and on-campus activities:

  • Labs: Optional Monday night workshops
  • Field Work: Informational Interviews (2)
  • Other: Course Orientation on the first Saturday of the term


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Instructor comments:

Hello! I am Annette Lansing, the instructor for GRN181 Exploring the Field of Aging. This is a Career Management Course and is required for the AAS Degree and most certificates in the Gerontology Program, but it is also suitable for students determining whether a career in aging is right for them. The readings, discussions and assignments guide students through internal self-assessment, as well as external searching (using tools such as job market analysis, informational interviews and site visits), which will help them plan and set goals to pursue their future careers. At the same time, students get an overview of the different emerging and diverse career areas within the aging field and share their discoveries with fellow students. For questions on this class, contact me at For information on the Gerontology Program, contact us at 971-722-8254 or And, visit our website at

**** ORIENTATION: There is always an Orientation Workshop for this class on the first Saturday of the term from 10:00am to 2:00pm on the Sylvania Campus, (Room TCB 217).  Second option is to watch the Orientation live from any computer.  Thirdly, a video of that workshop will be available online in D2L the following week. (You get to come to the Orientation -OR- you have to watch from a computer. In-person is more fun and helps get you engaged in the course if you are not use to online learning.)

**** TEXTBOOKS/READING: The required textbook, Managing Your Career in Aging, is available at the Sylvania PCC Bookstore or by PCC mail order. The book is available as a PDF in our Gerontology Homeroom, which you will have access to toward the end of week two, if you would rather view the PDF than purchase the printed verson.  (The same textbook is also used for the other Gerontology Career Management Courses: GRN280A&B and GRN282.) There is an optional textbook: 101+ Careers in Gerontology, Second Edition by C. Joanne Grabinski, also available in the bookstore. All other materials are part of the online course.

**** MONDAY OPEN INVITATION: There are optional in-class meetings for all Gerontology students which you are encouraged to attend on Mondays from 5:30 to 7pm on the Sylvania Campus, including the first Monday of the term (Fall, Winter and Spring only). (Don't get this confused with the GRN181 Orientation on the first Saturday.)  If you want face-to-face learning, this is your chance. It is a great opportunity to meet with Gerontology instructors as well as other students! See Gerontology Mondays & Course Calendars for details.

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