9COM615R Fundamentals of Excel 2016: Level 3

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Discover how to create and use pivot tables and charts, tables and lists, and named ranges. Learn to apply and customize conditional formatting, create and use data valuation rules, and explore advanced formula techniques to nest several formulas to work together in one operation. Bring a 32 gb flash drive. 

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List of classes for 9COM615R Fundamentals of Excel 2016: Level 3
CRN Location & type Days & time Dates Seats available More info
48068 Canceled! SE SE TBA
Monday and Wednesday
from 6:30 to 8:20pm
Canceled! Not applicable Instructor: David C Williams
Tuition: $95.00 Fees: $0.00
42799 WCC WCC 214
Tuesday and Thursday
from 6:30 to 8:20pm

From November 5 through November 14, 2019
Instructor: Noreen N Brown
Tuition: $95.00 Fees: $0.00