MSD101 Prin of Management/Supervision

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Examines concepts and practical application of fundamental supervisory skills such as planning, staffing, communicating, leading, using technology, training, managing conflict, and problem solving, in addition to "quality improvement," safety, ethics, and effective performance reviews. Audit available.  (For detailed information, see the Course Content and Outcome Guide ).

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20119 Web 02-Apr-2018 thru 16-Jun-2018 Textbooks for CRN 20119
Instructor: Mary E Schutten
Notes: 971-722-6147. $20 fee.
Tuition: credit Fees: $20.00
For information, contact the department at 971-722-6146 or 971-722-6147 (Dept Chair).

Course details: CRN 20119

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Instructor comments:

 Hello! My name is Mary Schutten, and I'll be your professor for this course. 

MY BACKGROUND: I have a Masters in Managing and Consulting from Bastry University and have over twenty-five years of experience managemetn, teaching and consulting. My clients have included Intel, Wacher, Mattel and other large, medium and small companies. However, this is my first time teaching on line. I enjoy biking, hiking, swimming and jogging. I love to get outside and enjoy our great region of the country!

MSD 101 COURSE FLOW:  First, do the assigned reading, view the narrated presentation(s) and read any article I direct you too. Next, contribute to the discussion board based on the reading and lecture notes and post before Sun. eve at 11:30 pm (except weeks 1 and 11 - post earlier at 6:00 pm Friday of that week). Finally, do the writing assignments (relating your experiences to the reading AND reference the text page number in your papers). The three weeks that will require more effort are weeks 4, 7 and 10. You will post, complete a writing assignment and turn in a quiz on those weeks. Plan ahead to spend more time those weeks! (All quizzes are open site quizzes.)

MY TEACHING PHILOSOPHY: Everyone who works hard can succeed. You need to use the "MSD 101 Discussion Board/Writing Checklist". It is REQUIRED and if you follow it you will earn a top grade! (I sent it to you one week ahead of class and it is attached in many places all over the shell. Please use it! You will be glad you did.)

EXPECTATIONS/CONTENT QUESTIONS: Even though I won't be standing before you every day I want to assure you that if you have questions about the content I will be available to answer them.  I am also almost always available via email Tuesdays - Sundays. I will check my email daily. The responsibility for "getting" the material in this course is yours. Thus, you must ask for help. I have done and will continue to do my best to create online learning activities that will help you learn. If something isn't clear please do let me know. The key point is that an online course like this one requires maturity and taking responsibility on your part. Think of me as a guide: I will be here to guide you on your journey, but you must be prepared to do the walking. I cannot do it for you.  Also, if you have issues with reading and writing I expect you to seek help. You paid for and have access to EXCELLENT tutorial help at PCC ( Every student I introduced this resource to has been thrilled I did. The online tutors get back to you in 1-2 days. If I note that you have one of these challenges I will let you know and expect you to obtain the help you need to improve these skills.

TECHNOLOGY QUESTIONS: Tech glitches are a common issue for new students. If you haven't taken a Desire 2 Learn (D2L) supported course intro there is help! PLEASE call the help desk! They are highly skilled at teaching you about the D2L course and how to navigate around - 971-722-8222.

Great News: There is no textbooks to buy. You will be using open source, peer-revieded online textbooks - three of them!

Important Documents - it is absolutely critical that you read:

1.) The MSD 101 Course Syllabus - the syllabus contains important info about the workload and my expectations for this class.
2.) The Course Assignment Calendar - this document lets you see all assignments and when they are do, it is an overview of the work you are expected to do. 

3.) The MSD 101 Discussion/Writing Assignment Checklist - the checklist can be found several places in this course. It spells out the standard of work expected when you post or write. You are required to use this document before you post or turn in a writing assignment. The number one error students make is not relating YOUR experience to your text reading AND not referring to the text page numbers!

All three of these documents are sent one week before the term and are in the "Vital Course Content" section of the "Content" area in the MSD 101 shell.

I look forward to getting to know each of you!

Best regards,
Mary Schutten

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