Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Learn to tinker and bring your inventions to life! Using Arduino platform, you'll get an intro into prototyping, designing circuits and programming electronics to shine lights, read sensors, make sounds, move motors and respond to switches. Requires laptop. 

This class puts you on the path to start inventing creations through affordable electronic microcontrollers, hackable off-the-shelf products and "stuff" from China. It provides hands-on entry into programming and piecing together "stuff" for physical computing useful to artists, electronic hobbyists, entry engineering students, technical engineering professionals and energy engineering technicians and hobbyists. This is an intro to Arduino, shields, soldering, breadboards and simple programming. Arduino an easy, open-source combination of hardware and software that's free and programmable from any type of computer. It makes it easy to use C/C++ for microcontrollers. You won't need to learn bit-level math or use pointers, but because it's real C/C++, you can ease into that fun stuff later, if you want to. Visit www.pcc.edu/staff/thomas.hudson16 for supply list.

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CRN Campus / Bldg / Rm Time Days Dates
34377 Cascade Campus / TH / 100 09:00 AM-11:50 AM Sa 25-Jun-2016 thru 02-Jul-2016
Instructor: Thomas C Hudson
Notes: Requires laptop computer.
Tuition: $45.00 Fees: $30.00