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9FD614Y Flavors of India: Biryani

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Biryani is basmati rice with a rich sauce of meat or vegetables infused with saffron and steamed in a sealed pot. It is served with golden fried onions, slivered almonds, raisins and yogurt cucumber "raita" on the side. 

Biryani is an exquisite dish reserved for special occasions. Partially cooked rice is layered with vegetables or meat and simmered in a rich sauce. Milk infused with saffron is dribbled over the top, coloring some grains of rice yellow while leaving others white, creating a lovely effect. Steaming the dish in a sealed pot allows all the flavors to mingle. Biryani is served on a flat platter so that the layers of rice and meat or vegetables are visible, and the creamy "raita" is the perfect accompaniment.

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  CRN Campus / Bldg / Rm Time Days Dates
27661 NE Port / STACCC / KITCHEN 06:30 PM-09:20 PM Tu 22-Apr-2014 thru 22-Apr-2014
Instructor: Sophie Rahman
Notes: $16 payable to "Masala." www.pcc.edu/staff/sophie.rahman15
Tuition: $29.00 Fees: $10.00