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Introduces the various historical, social, economic, physical, and geographic factors that have contributed to the modern African landscape. Includes the study of spatial dimensions and the distribution patterns of phenomena such as population mobility, urbanization, poverty, and slum formation. Explores why Africa has become a place of such deep contrasts between crisis and hope. Focuses on breaking down the stereotypes of one Africa and deepening knowledge of this multi-faceted continent in both a historical and current context. Prerequisites: WR 115, RD 115 and MTH 20 or equivalent placement test scores. Audit available.  (For detailed information, see the Course Content and Outcome Guide ).

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27666 Cascade Campus / CH / 205 06:00 PM-07:50 PM MW 03-Apr-2017 thru 14-Jun-2017 Textbooks for CRN 27666
Instructor: Tuba Kayaarasi-Rodriguez
Tuition: credit Fees: $0.00