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SPA102 First Year Spanish-Second Term

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  • CRN: 42288
  • Credits: 4
  • Notes: Students are recommended to take SPA 112C, see class details
  • Locations, days, times, and instructors:
    • Remote, Tuesday and Thursday, from 3 to 4:20pm
      From September 27 through December 15, 2022, Jan M Underwood

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Details about this class

Students are highly recommended to take SPA 102 and SPA 112C simultaneously.  

SPA 112C is a one-credit conversation course that meets twice a week for 25 minutes (50 min/week). Some SPA 102 classes have a recommended SPA 112C on the schedule because the conversation section meets right before their 102,  and it’s taught by the same instructor. If the SPA 102 class that you have decided to take doesn’t have a specific conversation section suggested on the Course Notes, you are welcome to take any 112C that fits your schedule. 

Why should I take SPA 112C? In the conversation class,  you will have an opportunity to practice what you are learning in SPA 102. You will be working on your listening and speaking skills with classmates, with your instructor’s guidance and support. Students who don’t take 112C will have 10 hours less of practice of the Spanish language than the classmates who take 112C. 102 + 112C is the perfect combination to develop your communicative skills (aural and oral), and communication is the main goal of our SPA program.



There is no additional technology required for this class.

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Your instructor can mark you as a "no show" if you do not participate in your class during the first week. This will remove you from the class. It is important to log in as soon as the class starts to see what the participation requirements are.
Students with Disabilities:
Students with disabilities should notify their instructor if accommodations are needed to take this class. For information about technologies that help people with disabilities taking Online based classes please visit the Disability Services website.