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PSY201A Intro to Psychology - Part 1

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  • CRN: 42023
  • Credits: 4
  • Locations, days, times, and instructors:
    • Online, Available 24/7
      From September 28 through December 14, 2022, Sarah Wheat
    • Southeast TABOR 126, Wednesday, from 2 to 3:20pm
      From September 28 through December 14, 2022, Sarah Wheat

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No textbooks required

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The following free or inexpensive materials are used for this class:

Details about this class

*If you looked at the course before early September, please know that the instructor has changed :) however, the major course details have not! I look forward to meeting you all!

-Sarah Wheat (she/her): sarah.wheat@pcc.edu

Increasing community awareness of the value of psychology skills — Psych Learning Curve

Welcome to PSY201a! In this class we explore topics such as the history of psychology, psychological research methods, human development, the brain and nervous system, sensation and perception, consciousness, learning, memory, language, thinking, and cognition. The class has an applied focus, and I am looking forward to getting to know you as we share our experiences throughout the course. 

Some things you would probably like to know about the class materials and format :)...

  • All course materials are free and available online.
  • This class is hybrid, which means it includes one required zoom class session each week at our scheduled time (Thursdays, 2-3:20 PM on SE Campus) as well as online components.
  • This class uses elements of a 'flipped' model. This means that you will review the material and take a brief online, open book quiz each week before attending our zoom session and submitting the weekly online work--this ensures that you have engaged with the materials and facilitates your participation in the live sessions as well as success on the discussions.
  • Zoom class sessions:
    • Attendance is expected, but life happens! There will be make-up assignments available for when you miss class.
    • Dedicated to active participation in applied small group activities
  • Online components:
    • Weekly quizzes
    • Weekly lecture videos *they will be uploaded as audio annotated PowerPoint Presentations, let me know if you have any issues opening the materials. 
    • Weekly discussions (10 discussions including main posts and responses)
    • Capstone Assignment submission (1 main assignment divided into three separate submissions)
  • Office hours are held by each week at a scheduled time as well as by appointment, and you can contact me any time at sarah.wheat@pcc.edu with any questions you may have (including any questions you might have before you register).


Students will need a camera, microphone, and OfficeSuite to complete coursework and participate in weekly synchronous sessions (Thursdays, 2-3:20 PM). Students will also need regular access to D2L and a computer to access and submit assignments. 

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