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MTH20 Fundamentals of Mathematics

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Welcome to math class - I'm looking forward to meeting you!  My goal is to make math less intimidating and to show practical applications of each topic.  Class will be a mix of lecture, individual work and collaborative work.  The first half of the term we will be working without a calculator and then later in the term we will use calculators.  Outlines for taking notes will be made available ahead of time.  A class syllabus will be posted in D2l the week prior to starting class. 


Class will be held in person during the times listed in the schedule.

This class will use ALEKS software for homework so you will need access to a computer.  For more information about ALEKS please click here: ALEKS INFO 

You will be able to purchase access to the software that comes with an e-textbook once class starts or you can use an access code that comes bundled with the textbook when you purchase the text through the PCC bookstore.  (Do not buy a used book since it will not have the access code needed).  More information will be sent once you register for class.

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