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ENG104 Intro to Literature (Fiction)

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  • CRN: 41600
  • Credits: 4
  • Locations, days, times, and instructors:
    • Online, Available 24/7
      From September 26 through December 17, 2022, Jessica N Lee

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No textbooks required

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Class Meetings: Fully online and asynchronous

This course is fully online and asynchronous, meaning there are no required Zoom meetings.

Textbooks: None

There are no textbooks you need to buy, as I use Open Educational Resources (OER) and provide materials through our course learning management system (D2L Brightspace).

Grading: Student work is assessed using a grading contract. [https://writingcommons.org/article/so-your-instructor-is-using-contract-grading/?doing_wp_cron=1635441724.6528089046478271484375]

Course Description

Joan Didion famously asserts that “we tell ourselves stories in order to live.”[1] This introduction to fiction course is designed as an exploration of Didion’s statement, an inquiry into how fiction is crafted, delivered, and received. We specifically examine how fiction functions as an art form designed to provoke thought and challenge social norms and is an expression of human experience. As a necessity of this study, the primary texts we study represent a diverse array of cultures and perspectives. It is my hope that you will find this course useful to your future career endeavors, even if you don’t end up reading and writing the exact same things I ask of you for this course. I try to design the course in such a way that the skills you must use to complete your assignments for this course—such as exploring how our identity impacts our interpretation of the texts we read —are also presented in ways that help you understand how these skills also apply in other contexts.

The course is centered around reading comprehension and the ability to analyze and evaluate how meaning is made. You will be reading primary sources—original works of fiction—as well as secondary sources—analyses of those original works of fiction. In addition to these readings, weekly assignments will include shorter writing assignments such as discussion posts. You can read more about discussion posts in the “Guidelines for Participating in Discussions” section of the “Course Information” module. You will also be asked to complete longer writing assignments—a mid-term and a final—specific instructions for which you will receive as the term progresses.

My online version of this class has been dynamically formatted to include interactive readings and videos, meaning you will be able to practice the skills you are learning as you are reading about them/watching them be explained.

[1] The first sentence of Didion’s The White Album


There is no additional technology required for this class.

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