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PSY201A Intro to Psychology - Part 1

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  • CRN: 41488
  • Credits: 4
  • Locations, days, times, and instructors:
    • Online, Available 24/7
      From September 26 through December 17, 2022, Marlene Eid

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Find out which textbooks are required for this class.

Details about this class

This is PSY 201 Introduction to Psychology - Distance Learning Class.

Students need to have access to a computer and to log in myPCC Desire to Learn (D2L) at least once a day to check email, and to work on assignments for the class. 

 This class does not require tests, or exams, yet it requires the following 3 activities for each of the 9 chapters covered in this course. 

1- Reading the chapter, and responding to corresponding CONNECT assignments.

2- Posting discussions, based on the required videos.

3- Homework Assignments, answering questions connected to the chapter, or to special articles/signature assignments.

You need to organize your time to meet the assignments' deadlines. 

Pease let me know of your concerns as early as possible in the term, and meet with me (via google meet which I can set up) if you need to have a plan on how to succeed in the class.

I want you to succeed, enjoy the course, and the knowledge.



Students in this class will have a choice to purchase the textbook/e-book "Psychology: Perspectives and Connections" , 5th edition, by Feist and Rosenberg, either from McGraw-Hill publishers, or from the PCC bookstore. The two options are explained below.

  • Option 1:
    You can purchase the textbook/e-book directly from the publishers. $ 90. With this option, you will get access to the E-Book, and will get an access to CONNECT Online Assignments.

If you would like a hard copy (loose leaf) sent to your home address by the publishers (optional), you will pay $25 dollars extra, for a total cost of $115. 

  • Option2:
    You can purchase the textbook at the PCC bookstore for $128.00 , the new textbook will come with an access code for the the e-book and for CONNECT Online Assignments. 

A used textbook will not have the access code needed for the class.

I will include the link to purchase the textbook from the publishers one week before the class starts in the Fall term.

Online class information

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