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PSY201A Intro to Psychology - Part 1

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  • CRN: 40711
  • Credits: 4
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This class will be on Sylvania campus, in-person, both class times per week.   An absence here and there is no big deal, but if you already know that you're going to have to miss a lot of classes, then it's probably better for you to enroll in a Web-based section (all asynchronous), or even a hybrid.  I know that asynchronies and remote (Zoom) classes meet a lot of needs, but I love the energy that we create when we're actually in the same room, and that's why I'm going back to full in-person classes.  

The textbook that we will use is embedded in our D2L shell, and the cost ($33 Course Fee) is included when you register for the class.  Once you register for this class, you're done.  There is nothing additional you need to purchase once you are registered for the class. 

Here's is our syllabus.  It might change a tiny bit between now and the start of the term, but this will tell you what to expect.  PSY 201 syllabus  

Ask any prior student of mine and they will tell you that I am very active on email, including sending out reminders for things that are due soon.  I respond to student emails 7 days a week.  As long as you stay connected with the class and keep up with the work, you'll do great.

If you have questions about this class, you are welcome to send me an email.  cynthia.golledge@pcc.edu


You will not need special technology for this class, but you will need reliable access to the internet, and a computer would be preferable to using your phone.  All of our course materials will be available on D2L.  

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No show policy
Your instructor can mark you as a "no show" if you do not participate in your class during the first week. This will remove you from the class. It is important to log in as soon as the class starts to see what the participation requirements are.
Students with Disabilities:
Students with disabilities should notify their instructor if accommodations are needed to take this class. For information about technologies that help people with disabilities taking Online based classes please visit the Disability Services website.