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PSY202A Intro to Psychology - Part 2

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  • CRN: 40284
  • Credits: 4
  • Locations, days, times, and instructors:
    • Online, Available 24/7
      From September 26 through December 17, 2022, Ariel M Ladum

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Details about this class

Welcome to PSY202! In this class we continue to explore topic areas in psychology including emotion and motivation, personality, intelligence, problem-solving and creativity, psychological disorders, therapy and treatment, health psychology, and social psychology. The class has an applied focus, and I am looking forward to getting to know you as we share our experiences throughout the course. Some things you would probably like to know about the class materials and format :)...

  • All course materials are free and available online.
  • This class uses an equitable grading scheme so that students have an equal chance of earning each letter grade (rather than having a 60% chance of earning a failing grade of 'D' or 'F').
  • This course does not have any scheduled class meetings.
  • This is an application-focused writing-intensive course in that we will explore how these topics relate to and inform our own lives through a written format. We rely on the written format because this class is a distance/web-based course and does not include any synchronous meetings.
  • There are three evaluated components of the course: online quizzes (10 quizzes with 9 highest scores counted), 10 discussions (including main posts and responses), and a three-part assignment.
  • This class uses elements of a 'flipped' model, meaning that you will review much of the material and take a brief online, open book quiz each week before submitting the weekly discussion--this ensures that you have engaged with the materials and facilitates your success on the discussions.
  • Office hours are held by each week at a scheduled time as well as by appointment, and you can contact me any time at ariel.ladum@pcc.edu with any questions you may have (including any questions you might have before you register).


Students will need OfficeSuite to complete coursework as well as a camera and microphone to participate in office hours should they choose to do so. 

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