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MTH60 Introductory Algebra- 1st Term

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  • CRN: 40245
  • Credits: 4
  • Notes: Proctored exams required. ALC/ALM recommended
  • Locations, days, times, and instructors:
    • Remote, Tuesday and Thursday, from 11:30am to 1:50pm
      From September 27 through December 15, 2022, Alexander S Jordan

Class materials


No textbooks required

Open educational resources (OER)

The following free or inexpensive materials are used for this class:

Details about this class

Please feel free to email me any questions you may have about the course. I'll try to answer some ahead of time below.

  • This is a "remote" section. We will not meet in a physical classroom at a PCC location. Instead, we meet using Zoom every Tuesday and Thursday from 11:30–1:50. "Attendance" at these meetings will be sort of required, as part of your grade. But if you miss a meeting, all you need to do is (a) watch the class meeting recording, (b) take notes while you watch, and (c) email me to tell me that you did these things. Then I will update the "attendance" record. I do not need to see your notes.
  • Before each class, there will be a combination of reading and video lessons for you to watch. The videos are embedded in the online version of the textbook. The idea is that you read some, then watch some, and go back and forth like that. The entire process should take about one hour of your time.
  • Then during class, we will discuss the "big picture" ideas and explore non-basic examples. For some class sessions, there will be an interactive activity using a free online computing application.
  • The last portion of our meeting time is set aside for you to begin (or continue) working on homework exercises in small groups. You may collaborate with your peers, and I will be continuously checking in with you to offer support with those exercises.
  • The homework will be a mix of WeBWorK (a free online homework platform) and writing up exercise solutions on paper to scan and upload into Desire2Learn.
  • There will be three exams. Having three (as opposed to two) will make each exam smaller and less high stakes. The exams will happen during a class meeting. This is important! New policy at PCC requires that you take these exams in a proctored setting. So the exams will not happen over Zoom. You will physically come to Cascade on exam days to take the exam in a regular classroom. When it's necessary, we can make arrangements for some other proctored setting. But it is no longer up to me to allow students to take their exam in the comfort of their own home. The exam dates/times are Thursday 10/20, Thursday 11/17, and Tuesday 12/13 (at 11:00–12:50, a little different than the usual meeting time). Again, you must come to Cascade campus at these times, or make special arrangements to take the exams in a proctored environment well ahead of time.

I hope to see you in this section!


Almost all technology that we use will be available using a standard web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera). The only other thing that you need is a way to scan written assignments (there are free apps that will do this).

Online class information

No show policy
Your instructor can mark you as a "no show" if you do not participate in your class during the first week. This will remove you from the class. It is important to log in as soon as the class starts to see what the participation requirements are.
Students with Disabilities:
Students with disabilities should notify their instructor if accommodations are needed to take this class. For information about technologies that help people with disabilities taking Online based classes please visit the Disability Services website.