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EET111 Elec Circuit Analysis I

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  • Locations, days, times, and instructors:
    • Remote, Monday and Tuesday, from 2 to 3:50pm
      From September 26 through December 13, 2022, Sanda N Williams

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Details about this class

This is just the lecture part of EET 111. Students need to enroll concurrently in one lab section in order to get credit for EET 111, 5cr class. Students must meet the course prereq/coreq. 

This class is offered remotely during fall 2022:

  • (Required) Zoom class meets every Monday and Tuesday from 2-3:50pm

The Final exam is scheduled for Monday, December 12, 2022 from 2-5 pm. You will have 3 hours to complete the exams.



  • TI-89 Titanium or equivalent calculator (Texas Instruments Voyage 200 recommended)
  • EET Lab Component kit – the lab instructors and/or the lab manager will email details. Components kits are supposed to be purchased and paid for by the students. 
  • If needed, the EET department can loan out to students, for the remote lab classes, the following test equipment (all or just some of them): DMM, power supply, function generator and oscilloscope with the appropriate cabling. Students taking on campus lab classes have all the equipment provided in the lab room. 

Software/ Hardware / Equipment

The specific software/hardware/equipment used in this course are:

  • Microsoft Office 365 (free license through PCC) to complete your assignments
  • LTspice (free draw & simulation software) to draw circuits and complete your lab


  • Introductory Circuit Analysis by R. Boylestad, 13th edition -- Prentice Hall
  • No lab manual needed; lab-assignments will be provided weekly by the lab instructor.

Online class information

No show policy
Your instructor can mark you as a "no show" if you do not participate in your class during the first week. This will remove you from the class. It is important to log in as soon as the class starts to see what the participation requirements are.
Students with Disabilities:
Students with disabilities should notify their instructor if accommodations are needed to take this class. For information about technologies that help people with disabilities taking Online based classes please visit the Disability Services website.