Computer Applications and Web Technologies (Credit)

Computer Fundamentals

CAS 133
Basic Computer Skill/MS Office

Desktop Publishing and Graphics

CAS 231
CAS 232
Desktop Publishing: InDesign
CAS 233
Beginning Illustrator

Internet and Web

CAS 101
Intro to Website Devel & Desig
CAS 211W
WordPress Customization/Themes
CAS 213
JavaScript JQuery Designers
CAS 225
PHP and MySQL for Designers

Word Processing

CAS 216
Beginning Word
CAS 216A
Beginning Word

Computer Information Systems (Credit)

CIS 121
Computer Concepts II
CIS 122
Intro to Programming Logic
CIS 133J
Java Programming I
CIS 133N
Intro to Programming C#.NET
CIS 133W
JavaScript for Web Developers
CIS 233J
Java Programming II
CIS 234A
Real-World Programming
CIS 244
Systems Analysis
CIS 275
Data Modeling and SQL Intro
CIS 276
Advanced SQL

Computer Science (Credit)

CS 133U
C Programming
CS 161
Computer Science I
CS 162
Computer Science II
CS 201
Computer Systems
CS 261
Programming Systems

Computer Skills and Technology (Non-Credit)

Accounting and Spreadsheets

QuickBooks 2017: Level 1
QuickBooks 2017: Level 2
MS Excel 2016: Level 2
QuickBooks Online: Level 1

Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design

Illustrator CS6: Level 1
InDesgin CS6 level I

MS Office 2016 Value Suite

MS Office 2016 Value Suite

PC Computer Fundamentals

Download Apps and Programs
Safe Internet Practices


C# Programming Level 1
C# Programming Level 2
C++ for the Absolute Beginner
Java Programming Level 1
Python 3 Programming
SQL Level 1
SQL Level 2

Web Design and Development

Create a Website for Fun, Profit and Business!
PHP and MySQL: Level 1

Word Processing

MS Word 2013: Level 1

Graphic Design (Credit)

GD 101
Technology and Procedures
GD 120
Graphic Design I
GD 221
Graphic Design 4
GD 244
Print Strategies
GD 249
Design Studio
GD 260
Digital Imaging 2

Multimedia (Credit)

MM 110
Introduction to Multimedia
MM 120
Multimedia Design
MM 130
MM Graphic Video & Audio Prod
MM 140
Multimedia Authoring I
MM 150
MM Proj Review,Test & Delivery
MM 160
Market Yourself as MM Profess
MM 220
Multimedia Design II
MM 230
Graphics for Multimedia
MM 232
MM 3D Modeling & Animation
MM 233
3D Character Model & Animation
MM 235
Digital Video Edit/Production
MM 246
Post-Production Sound for Vide
MM 250
Adv MM Project Development I
MM 258
Video Comp & Effects II
MM 260
Video Production I
MM 262
Video Production III
MM 275
Music Video Production
MM 299Z
Introduction to Unity

Cooperative Education

MM 280
CE: Work Experienc/Multimedia