CLIMB: Small Business Development (Non-Credit)

How to Work with the Oregon SBDC PCC

Introduction to SBDC Orientation and Business Advising

Starting a New Business

Business Design Series (BDS)

Careers (Non-Credit)

Salary Negotiations for Women


Sell Your Stuff on eBay
Sell Your Stuff on Facebook, Craigslist, Etsy, Amazon...

Computer Skills and Technology (Non-Credit)

Drone Pilot Basics

Continuing Education and License Renewal (Non-Credit)

Electrical License Renewal

CEU 921Z
National Electrical Code Changes

Hobbies and Crafts (Non-Credit)

Knitting and Fiber Crafts

Foundational Crochet: Level 1

Languages (Non-Credit)

Accent Modification

Accent Modification: Consonants
Accent Modification: Intonation
Accent Modification: Vowels

American Sign Language

American Sign Language: Level 1


English for Real Life


French Conversation: Level 5


Italian Conversation: Level 1
Italian for Travelers


Japanese Conversation: Level 1
Japanese Conversation: Level 2


Spanish Conversation: Level 1
Spanish Conversation Level 1: Fast Paced
Spanish Conversation: Level 2
Spanish Conversation: Level 3

Medical Assisting (Credit)

MA 122
Med Office Assistant Sem II
MA 123
Med Office Clinical Procedures
MA 124
Med Office Clinical Proc (Lab)
MA 130
Clinical Phlebotomy II

Medical Professions (Credit)

MP 113
Provider CPR/AED First Aid/BBP

Photography (Non-Credit)

Events and Settings

Summer Photography: Landscapes, Flowers and Countryside

Summer Teen Program (Non-Credit)


Code Breakers
Make Your First 3D Video Game!
Minecraft Modders
Virtual Reality: The Future is Now
3D Video Game with Unity Advanced
Python Programmers: Make Your Own Multiplayer Game!

Traffic Safety (Non-Credit)

Driver Education

Driver Education PCC: Teen

Visual Arts (Non-Credit)


Drawing With Colored Pencil and Watercolor Pencil


Painting Acrylics/Watercolor: Stop Dithering, Start Creating
Land and Sea Painting

Painting: Acrylics and Oils

Acrylics Artists Group
Acrylics Are Easy

Painting: Watercolor

Mastering Watercolors