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Summer 2021: *

Adult Basic Education / GED (Credit)

ABE Classes

ABE 0787
Foundations of Math 2
ABE 0791
Adv Integrated RD and WR

American Heart Association/Cardiology (CEU) (Non-Credit)

HeartCode BLS Basic Life Support
HeartCode ACLS Advanced Life Support
HeartCode PALS Pediatric Advanced Life Support

American Sign Language (Credit)

ASL 101
American Sign Language I
ASL 102
American Sign Language II
ASL 103
American Sign Language III
ASL 150
Accelerated ASL I
ASL 201
American Sign Language IV
ASL 202
American Sign Language V
ASL 203
American Sign Language VI
ASL 240
Intro to the Deaf Community
ASL 251
Accelerated ASL IV

Anthropology (Credit)

ATH 102
Intro to Archaeology
ATH 214
Environment, Animals & Culture

Architectural Design and Drafting (Credit)

ARCH 100
Graphic Comm for Designers
ARCH 110
Intro to Architectural Drawing
ARCH 113
Site Planning
ARCH 121
Structural Systems 1
ARCH 122
Structural Systems 2
ARCH 126
Introduction to AutoCAD
ARCH 131
Sustainable Bldg. Strategies
ARCH 136
Intermediate AutoCAD
ARCH 204
Green Residential Studio
ARCH 237
Intro to Revit Architecture

Cooperative Education

ARCH 280
CE: Arch Design & Drafting

Art (Credit)

ART 116
Basic Design-Color Foundations
ART 131A
Drawing I
ART 131B
Drawing I
ART 131C
Drawing I
ART 140A
Digital Photography I
ART 140B
Digital Photography I
ART 140C
Digital Photography I
ART 141
Introduction to Photography
ART 181A
Painting I
ART 181B
Painting I
ART 181C
Painting I
ART 219B
Hand Lettering: Special Tools
ART 231A
Drawing II
ART 231B
Drawing II
ART 231C
Drawing II
ART 253A
Ceramics I
ART 253B
Ceramics I
ART 253C
Ceramics I
ART 281A
Painting II
ART 281B
Painting II
ART 281C
Painting II
ART 284A
Water Media I
ART 284B
Water Media I
ART 284C
Water Media I
ART 287A
Water Media II
ART 287B
Water Media II
ART 287C
Water Media II

Automotive Service Technology (Credit)

AM 299H
HVAC/Engine Repair

Module 1:

AM 163
Advanced Electrical/Electronic

Module 3:

AM 142
Adv. Susp, Steering & Brakes
AM 183
Engine Performance III
AM 132
Advanced Automatic and Manual

Biology (Credit)

BI 101
Biology I
BI 102
Biology II
BI 112
Cell Biology for Health Occ

Biology for Science Majors

BI 211
Principles of Biology I
BI 212
Principles of Biology II

Anatomy and Physiology

BI 121
Intro Human Anatomy/Phys I
BI 231
Human Anatomy & Physiology I
BI 232
Human Anatomy & Physiology II
BI 233
Human Anatomy & Physiology III


BI 234

Building Construction Technology (Credit)

Building Construction Technology

ARCH 110
Intro to Architectural Drawing

Building Inspection Technology (Credit)

INSP 203
Intl. Code Fire-Life Safety
INSP 280
CE:Field Experience

Business Administration (Credit)

BA 101
Introduction to Business
BA 111
Introduction to Accounting
BA 211
Principles of Accounting I
BA 212
Principles of Accounting II
BA 213
Managerial Accounting

Cooperative Education

BA 280A
CE: Business Experience

Chemistry (Credit)

CH 102
Organic Chemistry Principles
CH 151
Preparatory Chemistry

CH 221
General Chemistry I

CH 222
General Chemistry II
CH 223
General Chemistry III

Child and Family Studies (Credit)

Early Childhood Education

ECE 120
Intro Early Ed & Fam Studies

Family and Human Services

HUS 102
Mental Health First Aid: Adult
HUS 106
Mental Health First Aid: Youth

College Success and Career Guidance (Credit)

College Transfer Elective Courses

CG 145
Stress Management

Cooperative Education - CG 280A (1-4 credits)

CG 280A
CE: Career Development

Communication Studies (Credit)

COMM 100
Introduction to Communication
COMM 111
Public Speaking

Computer Information Systems (Credit)

CIS 120
Computer Concepts I
CIS 121
Computer Concepts II
CIS 133Y
Python Programming I
CIS 145
Micro Computer Hardware
CIS 179
Data Comm Concepts I
CIS 278
Data Comm Concepts II
CIS 287M
Microsoft Server Security

Computer Science (Credit)

CS 140U
Intro to UNIX/Linux
CS 160
Exploring Computer Science
CS 161
Computer Science I
CS 201
Computer Systems

Economics (Credit)

EC 201
Prin Econ: Microeconomics

Education Abroad (Credit)


ART 140A
Digital Photography I
ART 140B
Digital Photography I
ART 140C
Digital Photography I

Electronic Engineering Technology (Credit)

EET 113
Electrical Power
EET 123
Digital Systems 3
EET 178
Computing Environ. for Techs
EET 280C
CE: BMET Practicum

Engineering (Credit)

ENGR 101
Engineering Fundamentals
ENGR 105
ENG. Graph. 3-D
ENGR 114
Engineering Programming
ENGR 212
ENGR 213
Strength of Materials
ENGR 223
Electrical Circuits III

English (Credit)


ENG 250
Intro to Folklore & Mythology
ENG 266
Literature of War

English for Speakers of Other Languages (Credit)

Levels 1 - 6: Non-Credit Classes

Level 1 Integrated Skills
Level 2 Integrated Skills
Level 3 Integrated Skills
Level 4 Reading
Level 4 Communication
Level 5 Reading NC
Level 5 Communication NC
Level 6 Academic Writing NC
Level 6 Acad Communication NC

Levels 1 - 8: Credit Classes

ESOL 150
Level 5 Reading
ESOL 154
Level 5 Communication
ESOL 162
Level 6 Academic Writing
ESOL 164
Level 6 Academic Communication
ESOL 252
Level 7 Academic Writing
ESOL 254
Level 7 Academic Communication
ESOL 260
Level 8 Academic Reading
ESOL 267
Level 8 Pronunciation
Level 4 Reading
Level 4 Communication

Exercise Science (Credit)

FT 121
Advanced Yoga Instruction
FT 280
Exercise Science Internship I
FT 280B
Exercise Science Internship II
FT 280C
EXS Prof Project II
FT 280L
Ex Science Leadership Exp
FT 280P
EXS Prof Project I
FT 280T
Phys Activity Teaching Exp
FT 280Y
Yoga Teacher Practicum

French (Credit)

FR 102
First Year French
FR 103
First Year French
FR 101
First Year French

General Science (Credit)

GS 107
Physical Science (Astronomy)

Geography (Credit)

GEO 105
Human Geography
GEO 252
Modeling with Drones
GEO 265
Introduction to GIS
GEO 280A
CE: Geography

German (Credit)

GER 102
First Year German
GER 103
First Year German
GER 101
First Year German

Gerontology (Credit)

GRN 267
Prof Therapeutic Horticulture
GRN 280A
CE: Gerontology Internship

Graphic Design (Credit)

GD 101
Technology and Procedures
GD 114
Introductory Typography
GD 120
Graphic Design I
GD 150
Digital Illustration 1
GD 280A
CE: Graphic Design

Health Care: Entry-Level Training (CEU) (Non-Credit)

Optician Assistant Training

Health Studies (Credit)

HE 295
Health and Fitness for Life

Humanities (Credit)

HUM 214
Race and Racism

Interior Design (Credit)

ID 111
ID Construction Documents
ID 123
Hist of Furniture-1800/Present
ID 124
Introduction to Woodworking
ID 127
3-D Modeling for ID
ID 131
Introduction to Interiors

Cooperative Education

ID 280A
CE: Kitchen and Bath

Japanese (Credit)

JPN 101
First Year Japanese
JPN 103
First Year Japanese
JPN 113C
First Yr Japanese Conversation

Machine Manufacturing Technology (Credit)

Required Core Courses

MCH 121
Manufacturing Processes I
MCH 160
Drilling Machines & Operations
MCH 175
Band Saws
MCH 190B
Boring and Threading on the La

Mathematics (Credit)


MTH 20
Fundamentals of Mathematics
MTH 105
Math in Society
MTH 111
College Algebra
MTH 112
Elementary Functions
MTH 241
Calc for Mgmt, Life/Social Sci
MTH 243
Statistics I
MTH 244
Statistics II
MTH 251
Calculus I
MTH 252
Calculus II
MTH 253
Calculus III
MTH 254
Vector Calculus I
MTH 256
Differential Equations
MTH 261
Applied Linear Algebra I
MTH 58
Math Literacy I
MTH 60
Introductory Algebra- 1st Term
MTH 65
Introductory Algebra-2nd Term
MTH 95
Intermediate Algebra
MTH 98
Math Literacy II

Music (Credit)

MUS 113
Music Theory I (part three)
MUS 170
Music Tech: Beats and Basics
MUS 190
Introduction to Piano

Music and Sonic Arts (Credit)

MUS 113
Music Theory I (part three)
MUS 170
Music Tech: Beats and Basics

Physical Education and Dance (Credit)

Gentle Fitness

PE 182J
Gentle Yoga
PE 184M
Meditation Mind Body Fitness I
PE 182S
Tai Chi I
PE 182G
Tai Chi II
PE 182C
Walking for Fitness I
PE 182D
Walking for Fitness II

Group Fitness

PE 182J
Gentle Yoga

Martial Arts and Combat Sports

PE 182S
Tai Chi I
PE 182G
Tai Chi II

Mind-Body Fitness and Wellness

PE 182J
Gentle Yoga
PE 184M
Meditation Mind Body Fitness I
PE 182S
Tai Chi I
PE 182G
Tai Chi II

Online and Independent Fitness

PE 184M
Meditation Mind Body Fitness I
PE 182C
Walking for Fitness I
PE 182D
Walking for Fitness II


PE 182C
Walking for Fitness I
PE 182D
Walking for Fitness II
PE 184P
Advanced Hiking

Resistance Training

PE 181A
Beg Weight Training
PE 181B
Int Weight Training
PE 181C
Adv Weight Training

Physics (Credit)

PHY 201
General Physics
PHY 202
General Physics
PHY 203
General Physics
PHY 211
General Physics (Calculus)
PHY 212
General Physics (Calculus)
PHY 213
General Physics (Calculus)

Psychology (Credit)

PSY 101
Psychology and Human Relations
PSY 201A
Intro to Psychology - Part 1
PSY 215
Human Development

Reading (Credit)

Reading Transfer

RD 115
College Reading

Integrated Reading and Writing

IRW 115
Intro Reading & Composition

Russian (Credit)

RUS 103
First Year Russian

Spanish (Credit)

SPA 101
First Year Spanish-First Term
SPA 102
First Year Spanish-Second Term
SPA 111C
First Yr Spanish Conversation
SPA 112C
First Yr Spanish Conversation
SPA 203
Second Year Spanish-3rd Term
SPA 213C
Inter Spanish Conversation

Women's and Gender Studies (Credit)

WS 101
Women's Studies

Writing (Credit)

Integrated Reading and Writing

IRW 115
Intro Reading & Composition

Transfer Writing Courses

WR 121
College Composition
WR 122
Intermediate College Comp
WR 115
Intro to College Composition

Business and Technical Writing

WR 227
Technical/Profession WR 1

Creative Writing

WR 241
Creative Writing (Fiction)
WR 242
Creative Writing (Poetry)
WR 243
Creative Wr (Script Wr)
WR 244
Adv Creative Writing - Fiction
WR 245
Adv Creative Writing - Poetry
WR 247
Adv Creative Scriptwriting