Winter 2020: *

Adult 55+ Fitness (Non-Credit)

Adult 55+ Fitness

Zumba Gold

Adult Basic Education / GED (Credit)

ABE Classes

ABE 0782
ABE Foundations of Math 1
ABE 0787
Foundations of Math 2
ABE 0790
Intermediate RD & WR
ABE 0791
Adv Integrated RD and WR
ABE 0793
Science for GED and College Pr

Anthropology (Credit)

ATH 102
Intro Archaeology & Prehistory
ATH 103
Intro to Cultural Anthropology

Architectural Design and Drafting (Credit)

ARCH 110
Intro to Architectural Drawing

Art (Credit)

ART 102
Understanding the Visual Arts
ART 103
Understanding New Media Arts
ART 115
Basic Design - 2D Foundations
ART 116
Basic Design-Color Foundations
ART 117
Basic Design - 3D Foundations
ART 131A
Drawing I
ART 131B
Drawing I
ART 131C
Drawing I
ART 140A
Digital Photography I
ART 140B
Digital Photography I
ART 140C
Digital Photography I
ART 141
Introduction to Photography
ART 181A
Painting I
ART 181B
Painting I
ART 181C
Painting I
ART 205
History of Western Art
ART 210
Women in Art
ART 213
Mod Art Hst: Art Since 1945
ART 218B
Callig I Italic
ART 220B
Calligraphy II-Italic
ART 231A
Drawing II
ART 231B
Drawing II
ART 231C
Drawing II
ART 237A
Life Drawing
ART 237B
Life Drawing
ART 237C
Life Drawing
ART 253A
Ceramics I
ART 253B
Ceramics I
ART 253C
Ceramics I
ART 256A
Ceramics II
ART 256B
Ceramics II
ART 256C
Ceramics II
ART 270A
Printmaking I
ART 270B
Printmaking I
ART 270C
Printmaking I
ART 271A
Printmaking II
ART 271B
Printmaking II
ART 271C
Printmaking II
ART 272A
Introduction to Screenprinting
ART 272B
Intermediate Screenprinting
ART 272C
Advanced Screenprinting
ART 277A
Life Painting
ART 277B
Life Painting
ART 277C
Life Painting
ART 281A
Painting II
ART 281B
Painting II
ART 281C
Painting II
ART 284A
Water Media I
ART 284B
Water Media I
ART 284C
Water Media I
ART 287A
Water Media II
ART 287B
Water Media II
ART 287C
Water Media II
ART 291A
Sculpture: Carving
ART 291B
Sculpture: Carving
ART 291C
Sculpture: Carving
ART 293A
Figure Sculpture
ART 293B
Figure Sculpture
ART 293C
Figure Sculpture
ART 294A
Sculpture: Metals
ART 294B
Sculpture: Metals
ART 294C
Sculpture: Metals

Auto Collision Repair (Credit)

AB 100
Auto Body Basic Skills
AB 117
Auto Painting II
AB 201
Panel Replacement
AB 205
Tech Skills/Collision Repair

Cooperative Education

AB 280A
CE: Auto Body Repair
AB 280B
CE: Auto Body Repair - Seminar

Aviation Maintenance Technology (Credit)

AMT 101
Introduction to AMT

Module One: Jan 6 - Jan 30

AMT 102
Aircraft Electricity I
AMT 106
Aircraft Applied Science
AMT 121
Turbine Engine Theory & Maint
AMT 211
Composite Structures

Module Three: Feb 26 - Mar 20

AMT 105
Aviation CFR & Related Subject
AMT 120
Propellers & Engine Install
AMT 123
Ignition Systems
AMT 204
Aircraft Electricity III

Module Two: Jan 31 - Feb 25

AMT 107
Materials & Processes
AMT 115
Aircraft Struc & Inspection
AMT 203
Aircraft Electricity II
AMT 219
Turbine Engine Overhaul


AMT 108
AMT Practicum/General
AMT 216
AMT Practicum/Airframe

Aviation Science (Credit)

AVS 127
Introduction to Aviation
AVS 130
Instrument Pilot Ground
AVS 230
Airplane:Flight Instructor Grd

Biology (Credit)

BI 101
BI 103
BI 112
Cell Biology for Health Occ

Anatomy and Physiology

BI 121
Intro Human Anatomy/Phys I
BI 122
Intro Human Anat/Phys II
BI 231
Human Anatomy & Physiology I
BI 232
Human Anatomy & Physiology II
BI 233
Human Anatomy & Physiology III

Biology for Science Majors

BI 211
Principles of Biology
BI 212
Principles of Biology
BI 213
Principles of Biology

Environmental Habitats

BI 142
Habitats: Marine Biology


BI 234

Bioscience Technology (Credit)

BIT 126
Applied Quality Practice
BIT 181
Exploring Bioscience
BIT 203
Recombinant DNA
BIT 205

Building Construction Technology (Credit)

Building Construction Technology

ARCH 110
Intro to Architectural Drawing
BCT 102
Residential Printreading
BCT 105
CAD for Constructors I
BCT 106
Hand Tool/Power Tool Use & Saf
BCT 119
Construction Office Apps
BCT 127
Residential Concrete
BCT 135
Residential Building Codes
BCT 203
Interior Finish
BCT 206
Sustainable Const. Practices
BCT 219
Cabinetmaking I

Construction Management

BCT 134
Construction Scheduling
BCT 202C
Bus. Principles for Constructi
BCT 214
Adv Construction Estimating
BCT 222
Engineering for Constructors

Cooperative Education

BCT 280A
CE: Building Construction

Business Administration (Credit)

BA 101
Introduction to Business
BA 111
Introduction to Accounting
BA 131
Intro to Business Technology
BA 205
Business Communication
BA 211
Principles of Accounting I
BA 212
Principles of Accounting II
BA 213
Managerial Accounting
BA 250
Small Business Management
BA 277
Professional Ethics in Busines
BA 285
Human Relations-Organizations

Cooperative Education

BA 280A
CE: Business Experience

Chemistry (Credit)

CH 100
Everyday Chemistry with Lab
CH 104
Allied Health Chemistry I
CH 105
Allied Health Chemistry II
CH 151
Preparatory Chemistry
CH 221
General Chemistry I
CH 222
General Chemistry II
CH 223
General Chemistry III
CH 242
Organic Chemistry II

Chicano Latino Studies (Credit)

CHLA 201
Intro Chicano/Latino Studies 1

Child and Family Studies (Credit)

Family and Human Services

HUS 102
Mental Health First Aid: Adult

College Success and Career Guidance (Credit)

College Transfer Elective Courses

CG 100
College Survival and Success
CG 105
Scholarships: $$ for College
CG 111A
Study Skills for Coll Learning
CG 112
Managing Test Anxiety
CG 130
Today's Careers
CG 140A
Career and Life Planning
CG 191
Exploring Identity & Diversity
CG 209
Job Finding Skills

Cooperative Education

CG 280A
CE: Career Development

Communication Studies (Credit)

COMM 100
Introduction to Communication
COMM 111
Public Speaking
COMM 130
Business & Professional Comm
COMM 140
Intro to Intercultural Comm
COMM 214
Interper Comm:Process & Theory
COMM 215
Sm Grp Comm: Process & Theory

Computer Applications and Web Technologies (Credit)

Computer Fundamentals

CAS 133
Basic Computer Skill/MS Office

Computerized Keyboarding

CAS 121
Beginning Keyboarding
CAS 121A
Beginning Keyboarding
CAS 122
Keyboarding for Speed/Accuracy
CAS 123
Professional Doc Formatting

Cooperative Education

CAS 280W
CE: WebSite Development

Office Systems

OS 131
10-key on Calculators
OS 220
Business Editing Skills
OS 280F
CE: Administrative Assistant

Spreadsheets and Database

CAS 170
Beginning Excel
CAS 171
Intermediate Excel

Word Processing

CAS 216
Beginning Word

Computer Information Systems (Credit)

CIS 120
Computer Concepts I

Computer Science (Credit)

CS 133G
Introduction to Computer Games
CS 133U
C Programming
CS 140U
Intro to UNIX/Linux
CS 160
Exploring Computer Science
CS 161
Computer Science I
CS 162
Computer Science II
CS 251
Discrete Structures II
CS 260
Data Structures

Computer Skills and Technology (Non-Credit)


Introduction to SQL
Programming in Python

Continuing Education and License Renewal (Non-Credit)

Technology Professional Development

CEU 3910
Excel Database Management
CEU 3911
Excel Calculations and Charts Introduction

Criminal Justice (Credit)

CJA 100
Professions in Crim. Justice

Dance (Non-Credit) (Non-Credit)

Salsa Fever


Ballroom Dance: Beginning - Westside

Dealer Service Technology (Credit)

DST 150
Cat Service Tech Internship
DST 200
Undercarriage and Final Drive
DST 201
Machine Electronic Systems
DST 203
Caterpillar Machine Diagnostic

Diesel Service Technology (Credit)

DS 100
HD Diesel Electrical
DS 101
Diesel Rebuild and Lab

First 6 - Week Session January 6 - February 12

DS 102
Truck Power Train
DS 103
Fuel Injection Systems

Second 6 - Week Session February 12 - March 19

DS 202
Heavy Duty Power Train
DS 203
Fuel Inject Syst Diagnostics

Do It Yourself (DIY) (Non-Credit)

Fix it Yourself

Small Marine Diesel Engine Maintenance

Economics (Credit)

EC 201
Prin Econ: Microeconomics
EC 202
Prin Econ: Macroeconomics

English (Credit)


ENG 104
Intro to Literature (Fiction)
ENG 195
Film Studies: Film as Art
ENG 250
Intro to Folklore & Mythology
ENG 269
Wilderness Literature

English for Speakers of Other Languages (Credit)

Levels 1 - 3: Non-Credit Classes

Level 1 Integrated Skills
Level 2 Integrated Skills
Level 3 Integrated Skills

Levels 4 - 5: Credit Classes

ESOL 150
Level 5 Reading
ESOL 152
Level 5 Writing
ESOL 154
Level 5 Communication
ESOL 157
Level 5 Pronunciation
Level 4 Reading
Level 4 Writing
Level 4 Communication

Levels 4 - 5: Non-Credit Classes

Level 5 Reading
Level 5 Writing
Level 5 Communication
Level 5 Pronunciation
Level 4 Reading
Level 4 Writing
Level 4 Communication

Levels 6 - 8: Credit Classes

ESOL 160
Level 6 Academic Reading
ESOL 162
Level 6 Academic Writing
ESOL 164
Level 6 Academic Communication
ESOL 250
Level 7 Academic Reading
ESOL 252
Level 7 Academic Writing
ESOL 254
Level 7 Academic Communication
ESOL 260
Level 8 Academic Reading
ESOL 262
Level 8 Academic Writing

Environmental Studies and Resources (Credit)

ESR 150
Environ Studies Orientation
ESR 173
Environ Science:Geolog Perspec
ESR 200
Intro to Environmental Systems
ESR 201
Applied Environ Studies:

Ethnic Studies (Credit)

ES 101
Introduction to Ethnic Studies

Exercise Science (Credit)

FT 101
Exploring Ex Sci Careers

Food and Drink (Non-Credit)

Artisan Bread Muffin/Rolls: Hands On

African Cuisine

Ethiopian Cuisine: Doro Wot and Veggies

Artisan Bread Baking

Artisan Bread Baking: French Bread
Artisan Bread Baking: English Muffins and Cinnamon Rolls

Butchering for the Home Chef

Lamb: Complete Fabrication and Cooking Recommendations
Pig: Complete Fabrication and Recipes

Hands On Cooking

Balinese Cuisine
Swedish Splendor

International Cuisine

Ethiopian Cuisine: Tender Lamb and Veggies
South Indian Vegetarian Cuisine

Foods and Nutrition (Credit)

FN 110
Personal Nutrition
FN 113
Everyday Nutr Lab

General Science (Credit)

GS 107
Physical Science (Astronomy)
GS 108
Phys Science (Oceanography)
GS 109
Physical Science (Meteorology)

Geography (Credit)

GEO 105
Human Geography
GEO 106
World Regional Geography
GEO 212
Geography of Global Issues
GEO 265
Introduction to GIS

Geology (Credit)

G 147
Geology of the National Parks
G 148
Volcanoes and Earthquakes
G 203
Evolution of Planet Earth

German (Credit)

GER 101
First Year German
GER 102
First Year German
GER 202
Second Year German

Gerontology (Credit)

GRN 172
Adult Care Home Training

Graphic Design (Credit)

GD 120
Graphic Design I

Health Studies (Credit)


HE 112
Standard First Aid & CPR/AED
HE 212
Women's Health
HE 242
Stress and Human Health
HE 250
Personal Health

Health and Fitness for Life

HE 295
Health and Fitness for Life

History (Credit)

HST 101H
West Civ: Ancnt to Mdvl Honors
HST 102
West Civ: Medieval to Modern
HST 103
Western Civ: Modern Europe
HST 107
History of Korea and Japan
HST 201
History of the US to 1840
HST 202
History of the US 1840-1914
HST 203
History of US 1914 to Present
HST 285
The Holocaust

Hobbies and Crafts (Non-Credit)

Radio Controlled Aircraft and Drones

Honors (Credit)

HST 101H
West Civ: Ancnt to Mdvl Honors

Humanities (Credit)

HUM 100
Intro to Humanities
HUM 202
Hum & Tech:Contemporary Issues
HUM 214
Race and Racism

International Studies (Credit)

INTL 201
Intro to International Studies

Japanese (Credit)

JPN 101
First Year Japanese
JPN 102
First Year Japanese
JPN 202
Second Year Japanese

Landscape Technology (Credit)

CSS 200
Soils and Plant Nutrition
HOR 227
Plant Materials - Evergreens
HOR 291
Landscape Design III
LAT 109
Plant Propagation
LAT 115
Tool and Equipment
LAT 115A
Tools and Equipment Seminar
LAT 240
Tree Care
LAT 243
Landscape Business Operations
LAT 264
Landscape Estimating & Bidding
LAT 271
Computer Aided Landscape Desig
LAT 272
Sustainable Landscaping

Cooperative Education

LAT 280A
CE: Landscape
LAT 280C
CE: Landscape Design

Languages (Non-Credit)

Portuguese (Brazilian)

Portuguese Conversation: Level 2

Mathematics (Credit)

Developmental Mathematics

ABE 0782
ABE Foundations of Math 1

Math Support Labs

Math 20 Lab - 1.00 credits
Math 20 Lab - 2.00 credits
Math 60 Lab - 1.00 credits
Math 60 Lab - 2.00 credits
Math 65 Lab - 1.00 credits
Math 65 Lab - 2.00 credits
Math 95 Lab - 1.00 credits
Math 95 Lab - 2.00 credits
ALM 111B
MTH 111 Lab - 1 Credit
ALM 111C
MTH 111 Lab - 2 Credit
ALM 243B
MTH 243 Lab - 1 Credit
ALM 243C
MTH 243 Lab - 2 Credit


MTH 105
Math in Society
MTH 111
College Algebra
MTH 112
Elementary Functions
MTH 20
Fundamentals of Mathematics
MTH 211
Foundations of Elem Math I
MTH 212
Foundations of Elem Math II
MTH 243
Statistics I
MTH 244
Statistics II
MTH 251
Calculus I
MTH 252
Calculus II
MTH 253
Calculus III
MTH 254
Vector Calculus I
MTH 261
Applied Linear Algebra I
MTH 58
Math Literacy I
MTH 60
Introductory Algebra- 1st Term
MTH 65
Introductory Algebra-2nd Term
MTH 70
Review of Intro Algebra
MTH 95
Intermediate Algebra
MTH 98
Math Literacy II

Microelectronics Technology (Credit)

MT 108
Statistics for Process Control
MT 111
Elec Circuits & Devices I
MT 112
Elec Circuits & Devices II
MT 121
Digital Systems I
MT 227
Process Equipment II
MT 240
RF Plasma Systems

Mind-Body Wellness (Non-Credit)

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Level 1

Music (Credit)

MUS 105
Music Appreciation
MUS 110
Fundamentals of Music
MUS 112
Music Theory I (part two)
MUS 112C
Sight Singing/Ear Training II
MUS 131
Class Voice
MUS 141
Intro to Songwriting
MUS 158A
Chamber Ensemble
MUS 158B
Chamber Ensemble
MUS 158C
Chamber Ensemble
MUS 158D
Chamber Ensemble
MUS 158E
Chamber Ensemble
MUS 158F
Chamber Ensemble
MUS 165A
Vocal Jazz Ensemble I
MUS 165B
Vocal Jazz Ensemble II
MUS 165C
Vocal Jazz Ensemble III
MUS 165D
Vocal Jazz Ensemble IV
MUS 165E
Vocal Jazz Ensemble V
MUS 165F
Vocal Jazz Ensemble VI
MUS 166A
Jazz Ensemble I
MUS 166B
Jazz Ensemble II
MUS 166C
Jazz Ensemble III
MUS 166D
Jazz Ensemble IV
MUS 166E
Jazz Ensemble V
MUS 166F
Jazz Ensemble VI
MUS 169A
String Orchestra I
MUS 170
Music Tech: Beats and Basics
MUS 171
Music Tech: Record and Mix
MUS 191
Class Guitar I
MUS 191P
Class Piano I
MUS 192
Class Guitar II
MUS 192P
Class Piano II
MUS 193
Class Guitar III
MUS 195A
Symphonic Band
MUS 195B
Symphonic Band
MUS 195C
Symphonic Band
MUS 195D
Symphonic Band
MUS 195E
Symphonic Band
MUS 195F
Symphonic Band
MUS 199
Intro to Piano Ped II
MUS 199A
Advanced Class Piano II
MUS 199B
Jazz Combo Workshop I
MUS 202
Intro to Music & Its Lit
MUS 212A
Music Theory II (part two)
MUS 212B
Music Theo II: Keybrd Harmny 2
MUS 220A
Chorus I
MUS 220B
Chorus II
MUS 220C
Chorus III
MUS 220D
Chorus IV
MUS 220E
Chorus V
MUS 220F
Chorus VI
MUS 221A
Chamber Chorus
MUS 221B
Chamber Chorus
MUS 221C
Chamber Chorus
MUS 221D
Chamber Chorus
MUS 221E
Chamber Chorus
MUS 221F
Chamber Chorus
MUS 240A
Music Composition

Music and Sonic Arts (Credit)

MUC 223
Recording Tech I: Analog Fund
MUS 110
Fundamentals of Music
MUS 112
Music Theory I (part two)
MUS 131
Class Voice
MUS 170
Music Tech: Beats and Basics
MUS 171
Music Tech: Record and Mix
MUS 220A
Chorus I
MUS 220B
Chorus II
MUS 220C
Chorus III
MUS 220D
Chorus IV
MUS 220E
Chorus V

Music and Theater (Non-Credit)

Rhythm In Western Music

Personal Finance (Non-Credit)


Retirement Planning Today TM

Philosophy (Credit)

PHL 191
Analysis & Eval of Argument
PHL 201
Being and Knowing
PHL 202

Physical Education and Dance (Credit)


PE 120A
Ballet I
PE 120B
Ballet I
PE 120C
Ballet II
PE 121A
Modern Dance I
PE 121B
Modern Dance I
PE 121C
Modern Dance II
PE 124
World Dance
PE 142A
Zumba Fitness I
PE 142B
Zumba Fitness II
PE 185U
U-JAM Dance Fitness I
PE 185V
U-JAM Dance Fitness II
PE 186F
Jazz Dance I
PE 186G
Jazz Dance II
PE 186H
Jazz Dance III
PE 186K
Tap Dance I
PE 186M
Tap Dance II
PE 186R
Hip Hop
PE 186S
Hip Hop II
PE 186Z
Conditioning for Dance

Gentle Fitness

PE 182H
Adult Fitness
PE 182J
Gentle Yoga
PE 182Q
Self-Paced Fitness

Group Fitness

PE 142A
Zumba Fitness I
PE 142B
Zumba Fitness II
PE 162G
Cardio Conditioning
PE 162O
Core Fitness
PE 181D
Interval Training I
PE 181E
Interval Training II
PE 181M
Boot Camp II
PE 182F
Boot Camp I
PE 182J
Gentle Yoga
PE 182K
Yoga I
PE 182L
Yoga II
PE 182P
Pilates I
PE 182U
Pilates II
PE 185U
U-JAM Dance Fitness I
PE 185V
U-JAM Dance Fitness II
PE 186Z
Conditioning for Dance

Martial Arts and Combat Sports

PE 140A
Boxing I
PE 140B
Boxing II
PE 140C
Boxing III
PE 162J
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I
PE 162K
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu II
PE 162L
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu III
PE 162M
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
PE 162N
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) II
PE 162P
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) III
PE 162Q
PE 183V
Judo I
PE 183W
Judo II
PE 183X
Tae Kwon Do I
PE 183Y
Tae Kwon Do II
PE 183Z
Tae Kwon Do III

Mind-Body Fitness and Wellness

PE 182H
Adult Fitness
PE 182J
Gentle Yoga
PE 182K
Yoga I
PE 182L
Yoga II
PE 182P
Pilates I
PE 182Q
Self-Paced Fitness
PE 182U
Pilates II
PE 295
Health & Fitness for Life Lab

Online and Independent Fitness

PE 182H
Adult Fitness
PE 182Q
Self-Paced Fitness
PE 295
Health & Fitness for Life Lab


PE 162Q
PE 183D
Introduction to Rock Climbing

Resistance Training

PE 130A
Adapted Physical Education I
PE 130B
Adapted Physical Education II
PE 162O
Core Fitness
PE 181A
Beg Weight Training
PE 181B
Int Weight Training
PE 181C
Adv Weight Training
PE 181D
Interval Training I
PE 181E
Interval Training II


PE 185A
Beginning Basketball
PE 185B
Intermediate Basketball
PE 185C
Advanced Basketball
PE 185D
Beginning Volleyball
PE 185E
Intermediate Volleyball
PE 185F
Advanced Volleyball
PE 185G
Beginning Soccer
PE 185H
Advanced Soccer
PE 185L
Intermediate Soccer

Physics (Credit)

PHY 101
Force, Motion, and Energy
PHY 201
General Physics
PHY 202
General Physics
PHY 211
General Physics (Calculus)
PHY 212
General Physics (Calculus)

Political Science (Credit)

PS 201
US Government
PS 205
Global Politics:Conflict/Coop
PS 242
Modern China & Its Neighbors

Cooperative Education

PS 280A
CE: Political Science

Psychology (Credit)

PSY 101
Psychology and Human Relations
PSY 201A
Intro to Psychology - Part 1
PSY 202A
Intro to Psychology - Part 2
PSY 215
Human Development
PSY 240
Personal Awareness and Growth

Reading (Credit)

Developmental Reading

ABE 0790
Intermediate RD & WR
RD 90
Reading 90

Integrated Reading and Writing

IRW 115
Intro Reading & Composition

Reading Transfer

RD 115
College Reading

Religious Studies (Credit)

R 210
World Religions

Sociology (Credit)

SOC 204
Sociology in Everyday Life
SOC 205
Social Change in Societies
SOC 206
Social Problems

Spanish (Credit)

SPA 101
First Year Spanish-First Term
SPA 102
First Year Spanish-Second Term
SPA 103
First Year Spanish-Third Term
SPA 111C
First Yr Spanish Conversation
SPA 112C
First Yr Spanish Conversation
SPA 113C
First Yr Spanish Conversation
SPA 202
Second Year Spanish-2nd Term
SPA 212C
Inter Spanish Conversation
SPA 218
SPA for Heritage Speakers 2nd

Sports (Non-Credit)

Tennis: Beginning Level 1

Style and Beauty (Non-Credit)

Herbal Gifts for Valentine's Day

Veterinary Technology (Credit)

VT 102
Small Animal Nursing/Restraint
VT 106
Comp Vet Anatomy & Phys II
VT 107
Vet Parasitology & Pathology
VT 108
Pharmaceutical Mathematics
VT 202
Surgical Nursing
VT 207
Public Health & Sanitation
VT 210
Animal Nutrition
VT 280B
CE: Clinic II

Welding Technology (Credit)

Welding Lecture Courses

WLD 101
Welding Process & Application
WLD 102
Blueprint Reading

Welding Shop Courses

WLD 111
SMAW:(E7024) & Oxy-acetylene
WLD 112
SMAW: Mild Steel I (E7018)
WLD 113
SMAW: Mild Steel II (E7018)
WLD 114
SMAW: Mild Steel III (E6011)
WLD 115
SMAW: Mild Steel IV (E6011)
WLD 116A
Beg Shielded Metal Arc Welding
WLD 116B
Basic Welding Practice
WLD 126A
Beg Gas Tung Arc Weld Heliarc
WLD 126B
Basic Gas Tung Arc Weld
WLD 131
Gas Metal Arc Welding
WLD 132
Gas Metal Arc Welding-Pulse
WLD 136A
Beginning Wire Welding
WLD 136B
Basic Wire Welding
WLD 141
FCAW I (Gas Shielded)
WLD 142
FCAW II (Self Shielding)
WLD 146A
Beg Pipe Welding Practice
WLD 146B
Basic Pipe Welding Practice
WLD 151
SMAW Cer Prac:Unlim Thk Mld St
WLD 152
FCAW-G Cert. Practice
WLD 153
FCAW-S Cert. Practice
WLD 156A
Beg Oxy-Acetylene Weld Prac
WLD 156B
Basic Oxy-Acetylene Weld Prac
WLD 166A
Beg Weld Pract Metal Sculpting
WLD 166B
Basic Weld Prac Metal Sculpt
WLD 176A
Beg Fabrication Welding Pract
WLD 176B
Basic Fab Weld Practice
WLD 186A
Beg Certification Welding Prac
WLD 186B
Basic Cert Welding Practice
WLD 190A
Beginning Welding Practice
WLD 190B
Basic Welding Practice
WLD 190C
Intermediate Welding Practice
WLD 210
Aviation Welding
WLD 211
ACR Welding Aluminum
WLD 216
Misc Electrodes & Adv Position
WLD 216A
Intermediate Welding Practice
WLD 216B
Adv Metal Arc Welding
WLD 217
Diesel Welding
WLD 221
GTAW: Mild Steel
WLD 222
GTAW: Aluminum
WLD 223
GTAW: Stainless Steel
WLD 224
GTAW: (Mild Steel) Pipe I
WLD 225
GTAW: (Mild Steel) Pipe II
WLD 226A
Int Gas Tung Arc Welding
WLD 226B
Adv Gas Tung Arc Weld
WLD 236A
Intermediate Wire Welding
WLD 236B
Advanced Wire Welding
WLD 246A
Intermediate Pipe Welding Prac
WLD 246B
Advanced Pipe Welding Practice
WLD 253
SMAW Cert Prac 3/8" MS (E6011)
WLD 254
SMAW Cert Prac 3/8" MS (E7018)
WLD 256
Prep for Pipe Certification I
WLD 256A
Int Oxy-Acetylene Welding Prac
WLD 256B
Adv Oxy-Acetylene Welding
WLD 257
Prep for Pipe Certification II
WLD 260
Beginning Fabrication
WLD 261
Basic Fabrication
WLD 262
Intermediate Fabrication
WLD 263
Welding Technology-Capstone
WLD 266A
Int Weld Prac Metal Sculpt
WLD 266B
Adv Weld Prac Metal Sculpt
WLD 271
Oxy-acetylene Welding Projects
WLD 276A
Int Fabrication Weld Prac
WLD 276B
Adv Fab Welding Practice
WLD 286A
Int Cert Welding Practice
WLD 286B
Adv Cert Welding Practice
WLD 290
Submerged Arc Welding

Women's and Gender Studies (Credit)

WS 101
Women's Studies
WS 201
Intercultural Women's Studies

Woodworking and Metalworking (Non-Credit)

Metal Crafts

Art Welding Sculpture

Work Out (Non-Credit)

Cardio Dance Fusion

Personal Training with PCC

Personal Training: 10 Session Package
Personal Training: 15 Session Package
Personal Training: 20 Session Package

Writing (Non-Credit) (Non-Credit)


Workshopping Your Fiction

Writing (Credit)

Business and Technical Writing

WR 227
Technical/Profession WR 1

Creative Writing

WR 241
Creative Writing (Fiction)
WR 242
Creative Writing (Poetry)
WR 244
Adv Creative Writing - Fiction
WR 245
Adv Creative Writing - Poetry

Integrated Reading and Writing

IRW 115
Intro Reading & Composition

Transfer Writing Courses

WR 115
Intro to College Composition
WR 121
College Composition
WR 122
Intermediate College Comp
WR 180
Composition Conf & Tutoring


ABE 0790
Intermediate RD & WR
WR 105
Writing for Scholarships
WR 90
Writing 90