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Application and Eligibility

How You Can Receive Services

If you are a job seeker making career plans,
a youth between the ages of 18 and 24 and haven't already done so, please complete registration online at WorkSource Portland Metro

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is a personalized website that allows you to manage your WorkSource activities. You can:

  • Sign-up for workshops
  • Use job search tools
  • Access the Prosperity Planner budgeting tool
  • Connect to iMatchSkills
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provides job seekers a personal portal to their WorkSource Portland Metro services. You can:

  • Create and save a job search profile for searching popular job sites.
  • Sign-up for WorkSource Portland Metro workshops offered free of charge at six locations.
  • Keep track of all your WorkSource activities.
  • Use the Prosperity Planner budgeting tool.
  • Connect to WorkSource Oregon services and account management.