PCC Computer Help Desk

How to put in a Help Desk ticket by email

We love hearing from our customers and welcome your calls (971.722.4400). That's why we are here! For those times when an email will work better, please consider submitting your work ticket by email. Here are some options:

Network and phone related requests
New data ports or phones, moves of equipment such as computers, printers, phones, and/or fax, or new voice mail accounts
General work requests
Anything else!

General work requests

Send to:
Your need and location

Your name, as the sender, will be the "customer" (submitter) in our system. The subject will be the ticket title in our system – please include the location. What you type as the body of the message will be noted in the ticket. Feel free to put as much detail here as you want to.

Network and phone related requests

Send to:
Location, need, and equipment involved. Examples:
  • SY CC 124 Move phones
  • CA TH 109 Need three new data ports
  • RC 3/129 Move three computer and phones
  • Need voicemail for new employee Poppie Panther
  • Change extension 7x91 to "Science Lab"
Numbers highlighted on outlet
Port numbers from the outlet(s)
  • Outlet number: usually at the top or beginning of the label
  • Port number: One for each individual port
Examples of complete messages:
  • Move computer and phone for Suzie Miller from SY CC 215 outlet B.01.03.07 to SY CC 216 outlet M.02.03.15
  • Activate computer for Ben Boswell CA JH 212 outlet IDF.03.03.01
  • Activate phone for Cindy Smith RC 1/101 outlet B.01.01.07
  • Activate printer Math Dept. SY HT 311 outlet B.01.05.10

What happens next?

Three highlighted parts of ticket email message

You will receive an email message from tss_servicedesk@pcc.edu.

  1. The subject line of the message contains the ticket number assigned to your request
  2. You can enter information
  3. in the ticket via email, by replying to the message as instructed, "above the line"
  4. You can click on the link to look at the ticket in our system – you may be asked to login using your MyPCC user name and password

What does IT do with the ticket?

The ticket will be assigned automatically to the Help Desk. We will review the ticket and assign it to the right IT department. If we have questions, we will give you a call.

You will receive additional email messages when changes are made to the ticket – such as additional notes added, or when work is complete and the ticket is closed.