Information Security

Should you be worried?

Should you be worried?

Cyber criminals are clever, innovative, well financed, and technically proficient; they are willing to take extraordinary efforts to attack. This is a serious threat to the College and to us as individuals. To combat them, we have to become familiar with their tactics and techniques, learn how to safeguard our systems, and follow best practices with respect to information security.

PCC seeks to ensure that everyone using, accessing, storing, transmitting or overseeing college resources understands their responsibility in reducing the risk of compromise and takes appropriate security measures to protect college resources.

In order to protect the institution and its private information and data and to comply with federal law, state law, and fiduciary responsibility, PCC developed an Information Security program for critical operational, private, and financial information.

Steps to safety

As a student or staff member, you should be concerned about the safety of your digital information. These pages are designed to acquaint you with the Information Security program and countermeasures you can take to protect yourself from hackers and thieves.

Make awareness a priority:
Learn about the types of threats that modern computer users face. Follow a series of simple steps to ensure that your information is protected.
Get the tools:
We work hard to make sure the computers around campus are secure. Get the tools you need to make sure that your home system is just as safe.
Learn about our services:
From awareness training to incident response, there are many other services at your disposal.