TRIO Student Support Services

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Make TRIO part of your journey to academic success!

TRIO SSS provides

  • Personalized academic advising
  • 7 free transferable College Success & Career Guidance (CG) credits
  • Connections to resources
  • Math and writing tutoring
  • Financial aid advising and advocacy
  • Scholarship search assistance & workshops
  • Peer mentor opportunities
  • Assistance with university transfer process
  • Local university visits and tours
  • Referrals to college counseling and disability services
  • Connections to campus cultural events & student activities
  • Volunteer resources

Eligibility for admission to TRIO SSS

Meet at least one of three federal guidelines:

  • Low-Income (eligible for federal financial aid)
  • First-Generation (your parent/guardian did not graduate from a four-year school)
  • Have a documented disability (receiving accommodations through PCC Disability Services)

Meet all six academic guidelines prior to admission:

  1. Place into, be enrolled in, or still need to take at least one of the following classes:
    • Reading 90 or 115
    • Writing 90 or 115
    • Math 20 – 98
    • ESOL 260 – 264
  2. Successfully complete 9+ credits at PCC, achieving at least a 2.0 GPA and Good Academic Standing
  3. Take at least 50% of your credits at Cascade Campus
  4. Plan to continue taking at least 9 credits each term (except summer)
  5. Commit to the TRIO program for at least one year
  6. Be working on your first college degree

How do I apply?

Please review the following steps carefully.

  1. Read the information about TRIO SSS on the website. Our 4-minute video features current TRIO students, and graduates. Check it out if you'd like to hear about the program directly from our students!
  2. If you need help finding out whether you qualify for TRIO, fill out our interest form!
    Please note, this form is not the TRIO application, it is to help you understand if are eligible for the program. If you are ready to apply, please go to Step 3.
  3. Fill out our online TRIO application, which includes a written Personal Statement at the end.
    Note: The Personal Statement must be a certain length (at least 1500 characters), and it is a great idea to type your statement in Microsoft Word, or Google Docs, so that you do not risk losing what you have typed, and you can see how many characters you have so far!