Proctored Exams

A Proctored Exam is a test taken under the supervision of testing staff. The proctor’s function is to ensure procedural integrity and security of the exam in a secure environment. All PCC Campuses provide make-up exam proctoring for PCC students. Students and Instructors using our services must be familiar with all testing procedures. Please read all information before utilizing the Testing Center proctoring services.

See the Proctored Examinations schedule for campus specific proctoring hours and links to campus specific guidelines and directions.

Competency Exams

The Testing Centers offer two PCC-specific Competency Exams: The Chemistry 151 Competency Exam and the Math 65 Competency Exam.

Chemistry 151 Competency Exam
This competency exam is for students wishing to bypass Chemistry 151 and go straight into Chemistry 221.  Students taking this exam must still meet all the other prerequisites for taking Chemistry 221:  Writing 115, Reading 115, and Math 111, or equivalent placement. See more information about this exam.
Math 65 Competency Exam
The Math 65 Competency Exam is designed to meet some (but not all) math graduation requirements for specific PCC programs.  Please discuss this option with an Academic Advisor before coming to the testing center.

Make-Up Exams for PCC Courses

Make-Up Exams are defined as tests that students are unable to take during the regularly scheduled test session offered by an instructor in class. Make-Up Exams apply to both campus-based and online PCC courses. Proctoring of PCC Make-Up Exams is a courtesy service and is only offered upon approval of the instructor and within the guidelines provided here.

Please note that the Testing Centers are a limited resource: this service is only for those few students that an instructor is specifically not able to proctor on their own, and is not to be used as a location for retaking of exams. Instructors are limited to no more than four of their students per test session.

Valid picture identification is required for all testing.

For Instructors:
Instructor Responsibilities
Proctored Exam Instruction Form:
Proctored Exam Instruction Form (MS Word version: Proctored Exam Instruction Form)
For Students:
Student Responsibilities

Proctored Exams for Other Institutions

Currently, PCC does not offer proctoring services for other institutions. If you have set up an ongoing prior arrangement with a testing center, please contact them specifically for the status of your arrangement.

Contracted Testing Agreements

Some PCC Testing Centers have arranged to provide professional testing services to meet community needs. See a listing of current PCC contracted testing agreements.

Notice: Please note that while we do publish our testing schedule, changes may be made at any time due to illness or unforeseen circumstances.