Panther Print

PCC Panther Prints Program

Panther Print is the process of centralizing PCC’s printing environment in order to be more conscious and purposeful about printing, help save money and resources, and boost productivity.

If your printer is connected to the network, it will be automatically enrolled - you don't need to do anything! If your printer is not networked, you'll need to complete a form.

Choose your printer type for more info:

Network printer

These will be automatically enrolled! Network printers are part of a workgroup of computers that can all access the same printer at the same time. The printer doesn’t necessarily have a physical connection to the network, it can be connected wirelessly and assigned to a workgroup. These can be any make or model, including Xerox, and was purchased by your department or through IT.

Fleet printer

These will be automatically enrolled! A fleet printer is connected to the network and is leased and supported through the Print Center. These are Xerox Printers only.

Local printer

These won't be automatically enrolled - to get your printer on the Panther Prints program, fill out the form below. Local printers are connected directly to a specific computer via USB cable. This printer is only accessible from that particular workstation and can only serve one computer at a time. It can be any make or model, including Xerox, and was purchased by your department or through IT.

Who will benefit?


Save time!

  • You no longer have to order toner and supplies! The printer will report low supplies through our network, and supplies will automatically be shipped to your desk.
  • 4 Hour window for support calls! If your printer has a problem, we’ll get back to you within 4 hours (or at the end of the day, the next business day).
  • Easily recycle used supplies! Just affix return label (included with each shipment) and send for recycling through US mail.

Department heads

Save money!

  • Save time and labor by having a single point of contact for printer repair and automatic toner replacement and recycling.
  • Reduce the cost per page for college printing by centralizing printer and supply procurement. This will save PCC an estimated $900,000 per year.
  • Eliminate administrative overhead of managing printers at the department level – supplies are received automatically.
  • Easier billing: billing from Print Center to departments scheduled on a quarterly basis.
  • New tools to monitor print behavior allows for greater accountability.

user secret

Local printer owners

Do you have a lone-wolf, non-networked printer? You can save time and money!

  • Is your printer secure? Printers can store data such as FERPA and HIPPA student records.
  • Is your printer sustainable? Older printers use more toner and often aren’t Energy Star rated.
  • Why spend time ordering toner? With Panther Print, you never have to order toner. It arrives automatically before you run out.
  • Why are you storing supplies? With Panther Print, you won’t use valuable college space to store supplies.
  • Are you a good steward of college funds? $900,000 annual savings could support other vital services.

Get on board!!!

How to sign up

  1. Complete this form: sign up form coming soon - please check back!
    • Networked printers will be automatically enrolled - only non-networked printers need to use the sign up form.
  2. Let us know about your print environment, i.e., how many printers, serial numbers, and locations.
  3. Your day just got easier, more secure, and more sustainable.
  4. Thanks for being a great steward of college resources!

I signed up… now what?

Now sit back and relax! Your supplies will arrive automatically before you run out. To return old cartridges for recycling, put into the return box included in your supply shipment and send back through US Mail.

If your printer breaks, call the number on the sticker. The support tech will troubleshoot your device remotely, identify whether it's a printer or a network issue, and either send a tech out within 4 hours or refer you to the PCC Help Desk for network issues. If your printer doesn't have a sticker, it's not supported by the program: please call the PCC Help Desk.

Departments will be billed based on actual copies made on a quarterly basis.


More info about the Panther Print program

The technical term for this type of program is Managed Print Services. Managed Print Services is the process of examining an organization’s total printing environment in order to be more conscious and purposeful about printing. By "printing", we mean the total cost of managing all PCC printers, their output, and the people and processes that support these devices.

Why has PCC decided to engage in this program?

Panther Print helps the college have visibility and control of document processes and costs. This ultimately saves money, automates steps, allows more time for other IT efforts, improves document security, and increases environmental sustainability. Another advantage is that PCC can develop predictable costs for printing and use a single vendor for service, supply status, and ordering.

Similar programs from Xerox have saved major college departments 10-30% on document management costs, and freed up valuable IT resources to focus on strategic initiatives. After extensive research, the committee estimates the annual savings to PCC would be more than $900,000 per year.

How does Panther Print save money for the district?

This program has the potential to save us more than $900,000 per year, depending on final configuration at the sites. We anticipate significant energy savings. With this program, we're charged "per-click", based on actual usage. This means we'll no longer spend thousands of dollars stockpiling unneeded supplies. The Print Center will finance toner and service, and charge back to departments on a quarterly basis. The billing model is a simple per click model based upon the number of black and white and color impressions (copies) made by the machine during that time-period.

Costs that will be charged to the departments:

  • $0.044 for black and white impressions
  • $0.16 for color impressions

Note: The impression cost includes service, toner, waste container, and paper. Toner and service are provided by Xerox regardless of machine brand.

Why is the cost of color impressions so much higher?

It takes four times as much toner to print in color than black and white, resulting in higher printing costs. Print cartridges in color printers (even the black cartridge) are normally smaller than black cartridge in black and white printers. Cartridges in color printers generally print fewer total pages and need to be replaced more often, contributing to higher costs.

Ask yourself: do you need to print in color? Printing in color is not cost effective or sustainable for our environment. One of the goals of this program is to reduce unnecessary color printing across the college district. Again, why color?

Who will be our Managed Print Services partner on campus?

Xerox currently manages all the MFD/Copiers for the fleet and will now expand to cover all PCC printers. This will provide one service provider for the college to deliver reports and data necessary to meet the PCC overarching strategic goals.

Is participation in the program mandatory across all divisions?

Yes, the program is mandatory. The cabinet and Board of Directors have identified that this program can save the college many hundreds of thousands of dollars, which helps to prevent employee layoffs and tuition increases. Until the next biennium, there will be a handful of special exemptions offered, based upon specific criteria.

How will I receive supplies?

Each device will have a location and a primary contact person assigned to it and that information will be printed on the address label that accompanies the delivery of the supply item. All networked printers will be included in a cloud-based inventory system that will create automated alerts. When supplies begin to run low an alert will occur that will prompt the needed supplies to be shipped directly to the person responsible for the printer.

Can I just call and order supplies?

You can also call and order supplies if needed, using the dedicated phone number listed on the Panther Print sticker the device. This option should only be used for emergencies. Under normal circumstances, you should never have to call for supplies.

Is there going to be surplus backup printer cartridges at each location?

No. Space is valuable at PCC and the automated print supply monitoring and delivery system will allow for space to be utilized in a more productive manner.

How will I recycle my used supplies?

Each supply shipment will include a box and a return-shipping label. Place your used print supplies in the box, affix the return label, and return through US Mail.

What do I do if my printer breaks?

Each printer will be tagged with a Panther Print sticker including your printer’s serial number and a support telephone number for service. Call the Xerox Support line FIRST. They will troubleshoot the issue remotely and determine if it’s an issue with the machine or the college network. If it is a network issue you will be referred to the PCC Help Desk. If the issue is at the machine level, a technician will be dispatched to service your machine within a 4-hour window (within business hours). All services are included in the program.

How was the savings to the college calculated? My department is concerned that we may see increased costs in our printing budget.

Taking the vendor models of the printers and the impressions over a period of time and cross-referencing those with the applicable toners for that machine calculated the savings to the college. This gave us an estimate of toner savings district wide. This doesn’t account for administrative labor and energy savings. Some departments have done a very good job of managing their printing environment, but the college, as a whole, has not managed them well. Therefore, although individual departments might not immediately experience cost reduction, the college as a whole will. Individual departments can mitigate the costs by reducing the number of printers that they have in their departments, which is one of the points of the program.

How does Panther Print make printing more secure?

Older types of printers (more than 5 years old) were not as secure as today’s technology. Depending on the age and brand of your printer, print jobs are NOT encrypted on the Print server and are often stored on the hard drive of the machine. This means that on an older printer, all the print jobs that were ever printed on that machine are stored in the hard drive. Depending on what items that you print, this could have serious FERPA, HIPPA, and privacy consequences. Not only are files vulnerable when disposing or recycling the device, they can be easily hacked. Xerox machines encrypt every print job and each night all information on the hard drive of the printer is erased. This security configuration ensures that private information is never unintentionally shared. As older printer models are replaced with Xerox-branded machines, this security technology is build right into the device.

What do I do If I have confidential documents to print and I’m using a general use MFD Xerox Printer?

Xerox Devices have the capability to use "Secure Document Printing feature". This allows you to set a unique pin code to your document from your computer. The document will not print until you input the unique pin code into the printer. If you don't pick up your document, it is erased from the hard drive after the business day.

For more information and directions on how to print securely:

What steps can my department take to become more energy efficient with our printers?

There are many ways to conserve in your area:

  • Replace older products with new, more energy-efficient, devices.
  • Purchase the right sized printer for your department. Use monthly average use as a guide.
  • Use a Xerox multifunction device (MFD) instead of printer, energy savings of 50% can be realized.
  • Use department shared networked printers.
  • Remove single use printers from your department.
  • Take advantage of power-saver features built into your systems and do not turn off devices at night. A total power down / power up takes more energy than allowing the device to go into sleep mode.
  • Use paper efficiently. Print duplex (double sided) whenever possible.
  • Examine office processes on a regular basis: can you use electronic document storage instead of printing hard copies? Use email and scan to file options. As technology changes, more alternatives to printing become available.
  • Share documents with your peers instead of printing multiple copies.
  • Think before you Print! Did you know that 45% of print jobs end up in the recycling bin within an hour and that 30% of print jobs are NEVER picked up from the printer? Is that printout needed?
  • Return unused supplies!
  • Recycle.

Are specialty printers such as plotters, 3D printers, and CAD printers part of the program?

No. This program does not support specialty printers or supplies of this type.

How has Xerox achieved its Energy Star rating?

More than 10 years before the inception of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ENERGY STAR® Office Equipment program, Xerox introduced the first imaging product with an automatic power-down mode. Since joining with the EPA as a Charter Partner in 1993, we continue to introduce copier, printer, fax, and multifunction products that have earned ENERGY STAR® status, even as the certification criteria have grown more stringent. In 2015, 100 percent of all our new eligible product introductions achieved ENERGY STAR®. This continued success in cutting the power consumption of our laser-based printing products has been achieved by adjustments in the fuser design, changes to the properties of the toner, more efficient electronic controls, and the workings of the xerographic system as a whole.