Staff Copiers

Print, Copy, Scan, and Email

Staff and faculty have access to networked copiers for department use. These copiers are located in the throughout the District (listed below.) To use these copiers, you’ll need a copier ID number that is linked to your department’s FOAP account. Once you’re logged into a copier, you can print, copy, scan to USB, and scan to email. You can also print from a networked computer to one of these copiers using the Secure Print feature.

Coin-operated, non-networked copiers are also available for staff and student use (listed below).

Board Resolution 96-88

Board resolution 96-88 designates the Print Center as the Board-approved department to provide copier and printing services. Accountability and security are required in addition to a full service contract for maximum up-time with vendor staffing to reduce "key op" duties on the part of administrative staff.

Our current Board approved contract with Xerox provides:

  • All services and supplies (delivery, installation, emptying, picking up and recycling).
  • A full-time Xerox associate to resolve issues immediately or escalate a service call.
  • Training at equipment install and anytime upon request.

This has been a successful deployment for the past eight years and the cost per copy reflects these requirements which also include server, software and Print Center staffing to administer the copier ID system.

Department-Leased Copiers

Your department can lease a copier if the following applies:

  • Print Center will recommend copier based on departmental history and volume.
  • Power and PACE connections can be provided.
  • Equipment, service, supplies, installation, training, recycling, and customer assistance are coordinated by Print Center.
  • Personal copier IDs are used to access the Xerox machines (some exceptions).
  • The entire monthly cost must be covered by the copy and print charges. (If the cost is not covered the using department will be charged the difference.)
  • Print Center will maintain copiers and furnish paper and copier supplies as needed.

If your department or group is interested in leasing a printer, please fill out the Xerox Fleet Multifunctional Device Lease Request form.

Staff Copier Locations with Copier ID access

Color copiers are listed in blue.

  • Sylvania
    AM 210, CC 116, CC Info Booth (was CC 124), CC 223, CC 247, CC 210 (was CT 206), CC Answer Ctr, HT 126, HT 311, LIBRARY, LIB 114, SS 215, SS 217, ST 209, ST 203, ST 300, TCB 312
  • Cascade
    MAHB 105, JH 209, PSEB 132, SSB 119, SSB209, SSB 300, TEB 102, TEB 213, TH 221, TH 223, CH 100
  • Rock Creek
    Bldg. 2-219, Bldg. 3-205, Bldg. 1, Bldg.6-108, Bldg.7-202J, Bldg 7-216A, Bldg 9-19, Bldg 9-115
  • Southeast
    MTH 116, MTH 121, MSH 100, MTH 128, MTH 106, AB 309, SC 115
    Rm 112, 300
  • Willow Creek
    2nd Floor 227, 3rd Floor
  • Downtown Center
    Rooms 105, 211, 310, 411
  • Swan Island
    Room 107