First week checklist

Do you have everything ready for the first week of class? Use the checklist below to help you prepare.

First week checklist


  • If you're added from a waitlist, you'll receive an email in your MyPCC email.
  • If you're still on the waitlist the first day of class, you'll need instructor permission to take the class.
  • If you're added from a waitlist after the payment due date, you'll need to pay in full immediately.

For more information, see the waitlist page.

Late Registration

If you want to register for a class that has already started, you will need a registration override from your instructor. Instructors can submit an override that allows you to register for the class in MyPCC. Late registrations must be submitted within two business days after the course drop deadline. For example, for 8-12 week classes, the late add deadline is the second Tuesday of the term. Shorter classes have less time to add. To verify the drop deadlines for your classes log into MyPCC and click on “See your drop and withdraw deadlines” located in the Term-to-Term checklist.

If you sign up for a class after the payment due date, you must pay in full (have another way to pay in place) immediately. If your payment arrangements are delayed, your courses may be deleted, and you might get late fees, financial holds, or collections.

Pay your bill using PCC-Pay in MyPCC. or more information on deadlines and payment options, visit tuition and fees or log in to MyPCC and look on the Paying for College tab.

Dropping a class

Make sure to verify your class schedule before the drop deadline. You don't want to end up paying for a class you are not taking! To drop a class, log into MyPCC and go to the Term-to-Term Checklist on the MyPCC Home tab. To receive a 100% tuition refund and not receive a W 'Withdraw' grade, full-term classes (8 to 12 weeks) must be dropped by the first Saturday of the term. To verify the drop deadlines for your classes log into MyPCC and click on “See your drop and withdraw deadlines” located in the Term-to-Tem checklist.

First day of class

It is very important that you attend the first day of class. If your class is online, log in on the first day of the term and check participation requirements. Be sure to carefully review the syllabus to understand the expectations of the class and the material that will be covered. Some classes may feel intimidating or overwhelming, remember that we have academic resources to help you be successful. If you feel that the class is not a right fit or not what you expected be sure to drop the class right away. Remember that classes have different drop deadlines depending on the length of the course and that classes that meet for less than 2 weeks must be dropped prior to the first day of the class.

Need additional help?

There are many offices and departments here to help you. If you have questions about tutoring, study skills or career planning, ask your instructors or any PCC staff member for a point in the right direction. For a list of services, log in to MyPCC and visit the Student Services channel on the PCC Life tab. Additionally, if you have a question about PCC, you can Ask the Panther (found in the right hand column of Panther Tracks and in MyPCC).