Learning Communities

StudentLearning Communities are classes that have been linked or paired together to provide a greater learning experience. As a student, you are required to take both classes during the same term. These classes may be taught by the same instructor or by two, or more instructors.

Classes are often linked around:

  • Theme, such as African American and Native American Experiences;
  • Question, such as, "How can math help me?"
  • Goal, such as Writing Successful Scholarship Letters.

Learning communities are a great way to learn! They help you stay engaged and motivated while you pursue your college and life goals.

Being part of a community

Learning Community instructors work together to link their disciplines thematically by working on a common problem or theme; ideas and assignments are integrated.

At the same time, learning communities meet the goals and cover the required materials of the courses combined. They provide the same credits for transferring and graduation as traditional classes.

Being a member of a learning community provides the opportunity to work closely, and establish connections, with a group of fellow students and instructors. In the learning community, instructors and students are truly co-learners.

Getting Started